HP Printer Error Codes: Understanding and Solutions

Just like; other printers, HP printers also get errors. Imagine you have to get some documents printed, and suddenly, your printer is not working. Your papers get stuck, or you are short of ink. What would you do?

When any error occurs, either the printer or the computer displays it. It gets frustrating when you do not know what these printer error codes mean. These error codes; like ‘0xe0ef0003’, ‘HP printer error code 30,’ HP printer error code 3FO Error,’ and much more, can be quite baffling. So, we are here to help you know the basic error codes.

You get to know what the exact problem is and what the causes are behind showing such errors. Knowing the printer error codes will help you fix HP printers faster. So, sit back and read to get rid of your frustrating error codes.

This blog aims to eliminate the common error with the right solution. In this blog, you get information about the error code and solution.

We have created a list of tables with three columns divided into what the HP printer error code is, the cause of the HP printer error code, and how to fix the HP printer error code. 

Common HP Printer Error Codes: Meaning and Solution

HP Printer Error codeWhat it meansSolution 
HP Printer Error Message 49The printer is unable to act on the command or is not able to process the file because of incompatible firmware or a corrupted file. As many users are sending files at once, one of the files may be corrupted. • Turn off the printer
• Check the printer queue
• Delete the queue
• Turn on the printer
HP Error Code 0xe0ef0003Hard drive issueCorrupted master boot recordReplace the hard drive. Keep a backup of the data on your computer.
HP Printer Error Code 30Printer driver issuesRun printer troubleshooting to detect the problem and fix it.
• Update the printer driver
• Reinstall the USB composite device
• A new hardware wizard pops up
• Set the printer device as Default

Change the security permission
Follow this:
Properties>Security tab>Account>Edit>Choose your account>Full control>Apply>Okay

Other steps:
• Go to the Control
• PanelUninstall the printer device
• Go to HP drivers 
• Remove all HP drivers
• Delink HP printer
• Connect it/Link it again
• Go to the HP website
• Download the latest driver 
Error Code 0x6100004aPaper jams, hardware malfunctioning or low ink cartridgesPaper jams, hardware malfunctioning, or low ink cartridges
3FO Error code • Boot device not found 
• Issue in Hard drive connection
• Wrong boot sequence 
Solution 1
• Run Windows update
• Update all software
• Update all firmware
• Update all drivers

Solution 2
• Perform Hard Reset
• Restore the BIOS default settings
• Run a hard drive test 
Error Code 0XC4EB8004 HW_MICCI2 C• Regular printer usage
• Cartridge issue 
• Malware
• Poor internet connectivity
• Issue with toner ink
Solution 1
• Turn on the printer and take the cord out of the printer  
• Take out the cartridge 
• Restart the system 
• Turn off WiFi 
• Plug in the cable and put the cord back in the printer 
• Insert the cartridge, when asked 
• Turn on the system and the router 
• Make sure that the commands are working okay. 
• Try printing

Solution 2
• Go to troubleshooting settings 
• Select View
• Select Advanced
• Click on Run as Administrator 
• Click on the icon that shows printer 
• Then, select Next 
• Then, follow the on-screen instructions
HP Printer Error Code 79Corrupt print jobsOutdated firmwareSolution 1: Fix corrupt print jobs
• Turn off the printer
• Clear the print queue and cancel all the print jobs
• Restart printer
• Test printing 

Solution 2: Update printer firmware
• Turn off the printer
• Clear the print queue and cancel all the print jobs
• Restart printer
• Go to the Printer Menu
• Click on settings
• Find and select Update
• Download and install the Firmware
• Switch off your printer
• Keep it off for 5 mins
• Then, restart your printer 

These were some of the common HP printer errors that we have come across once in a lifetime while using the printer. These printer issues are not hard to fix when you know what they mean and how to resolve them. 

However, what most people do is either check for paper jams, toner, and ink cartridges or update the firmware. Keeping your printer clean is also essential because dust or a bit of jammed paper can make the HP printer not work properly.

Tips to Maintain Your Printer for Optimal Performance 

Over time, the printer gets clogged and dirty, damaging its functionality. This results in printing issues, a reduced lifespan, or expensive repairs. 

That’s why we have presented a few tips for you to clean your printer. We ensure that by following these tips, you can eliminate half of the printer issues.

If you are using an HP printer for personal work, you can clean it once a month. However, if you are using the printer for official purposes, you can clean it weekly or daily.

Here you go 

  • Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the exterior surface of the printer 
  • Clear the paper tray to get rid of debris or dust
  • Clean the printhead of your printer periodically
  • Unplug or turn off the printer when it is not in use. 
  • Replace the ink or toner cartridges 
  • Avoid using low-quality paper, and don’t overload the paper tray
  • Don’t keep the printer at a very humid or extreme temperature

Now that you know about the common error codes of HP printers, you can fix HP printers easily. However, if you are still facing issues with the common HP printer error codes, get in touch with some online technicians at an affordable rate.

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HP Printer Not Connecting to WiFi? Know What Could Be the Reasons

In today’s digital world, wireless printers are a blessing for every office and school employee. With its efficient features to work optimally, wireless printers help you get the best quality pictures. However, like any other device, HP printers also encounter technical issues, like not connecting to WiFi.

This disrupts the printing process and makes the users unable to use the printer efficiently. To figure out the cause behind the HP printer not connecting to WiFi, it is important to understand the potential cause.

Common Reasons Why HP Printer is Not Connecting to WiFi

Understanding the cause behind why your HP printer is not connecting to the WiFi helps to address the issues smoothly. It helps in troubleshooting issues and minimizes the downtime of resolving printing problems. Therefore, understanding helps to implement the solutions effectively and saves your time and money.

Here are the following reasons why your HP printer is not connecting to Wifi:

Incorrect Network Configuration

Sometimes, the wrong network name or password can disrupt the printing process. Incorrect WiFi credentials during the setup process hinder the connection, making the printer unable to connect to the WiFi. Check out the steps to connect HP printer to the WiFi for smooth connectivity to the internet.

Poor WiFi strength

If your printer is not connected to the WiFi, chances are there may be poor connectivity to the internet. Due to poor compatibility, the printer and WiFi don’t get connected affecting the standard of WiFi. Eliminate all the electronic devices near your router as it affects the connectivity strength. Get your printer closer to the WiFi router for stable connectivity.

Outdated Printer Performance

Many users have witnessed compatibility issues with the printer because of its outdated performance. Installing the latest firmware of the HP Printer and updating it helps the printer to work optimally.

Check Router Settings

When your HP printer is not connecting to the WiFi, check for router settings. Sometimes, various restrictions or incorrect router settings do not let the router work or connect to the internet. As a result, the printer also stops printing and functions inefficiently. Therefore, check whether the router settings are compatible with the printer.

IP Address

Have you checked your IP address? Sometimes, conflicting IP addresses hinder the functions of the printer from printing well. By setting the IP address automatically or assigning a static IP that doesn’t conflict with the other network.

Bottom Line,

Understanding the potential cause behind your printer not connecting to WiFi is essential. This helps in properly identifying your common printer problems and helps fix them with the right solution. By knowing the cause, you can troubleshoot your printer and resolve the WiFi connectivity in the right way.


1. What should I do if my HP Printer is not recognizing my WiFi network?

Manually enter your network name, SSID, and password. Also, ensure that you have a stable network and double-check your WiFi settings. Also, ensure that your WiFi is active.

2. Can there be a compatibility issue between my HP printer and router?

Yes, there can be, so make sure that your printer and router have the same WiFi standard. You better check the technical specifications.

3. Can interference with other electronic devices cause poor WiFi connectivity?

Yes, sometimes electronic devices can hinder the performance of routers. Make sure that there is no electronic device between the router and your system. Bring your device and printer closer to the router settings.

4. Can outdated firmware on my printer affect my router’s connectivity?

Yes, outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues. Don’t forget to update your printer firmware to ensure that it is performing optimally and is compatible with your network.

5. Does the router setting affect the HP printer’s connection?

Yes, sometimes router settings can affect the HP printer’s connection. So, always check for restrictions or filters to ensure that nothing is preventing your router from connecting with your printer.

6. How frequently should I update HP printer firmware?

Updating the HP Printer firmware and installing it as recommended helps the device function optimally and have smooth connectivity with your WiFi network.

7. Will restarting my router help troubleshoot my HP printer connectivity?

Yes, it is necessary to restart your router to refresh network settings. It helps to solve temporary glitches, so restart both the router and the printer to resolve connectivity issues.

8. Can network congestion affect the printer’s connectivity?

Yes, it can cause a hindrance to connecting your router to the printer. So, always limit the number of devices connecting to the network. This helps the router function smoothly.

9. Can a VPN affect the functioning of my printer?

Yes, VPN can affect your printer’s ability to print properly. Disable your VPN temporarily during the printer setup process, then you can enable it later.

10. Can a power outage affect HP printers’ functions?

Yes, a power outage can affect the functionality of your printer. Reconfigure your printer settings after a power outage.

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How do I Fix Error 59.F0 on My HP Printer: Troubleshooting Guide

HP printers are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. However, like any technology, they can sometimes encounter errors. One of the common issues HP printer users may face is “Error 59.F0.” This error can disrupt your printing tasks, but fret not – we’re here to guide you through the steps to fix Error 59.F0 on your HP printer. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll cover the causes of this error and the solutions to resolve it, ensuring that you can get back to smooth, uninterrupted printing.

Understanding Error 59.F0 on HP Printers

Error 59.F0 is a common error code in HP printers and is often related to issues with the printer’s motor. When this error occurs, the printer may display a message like “Error 59.F0” or “59.F0 Turn off and then on.” This error code indicates that there is a problem with the internal motor, specifically the ITB (Intermediate Transfer Belt) motor. The ITB motor is responsible for transferring toner onto the paper, and when it encounters issues, it can result in print quality problems and paper jams.

Why Does HP Printer Error 59.F0 Occur?

HP printer Error 59.F0 can be triggered by a variety of causes, and it’s important to identify the underlying issue to effectively troubleshoot and resolve the error. Here are some common causes:

1. Faulty ITB Motor: Error 59.F0 often indicates an issue with the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) motor. This motor is responsible for transferring toner onto the paper, and if it malfunctions, it can lead to an error.

2. Physical Obstructions: Any physical obstructions within the printer, especially in the area around the ITB, can impede its movement and trigger the error. These obstructions can include bits of paper, foreign objects, or even damage to the ITB itself.

3. ITB Installation Issues: Incorrect installation or loose positioning of the ITB assembly can result in Error 59.F0. It’s essential to ensure that the ITB is correctly and securely installed.

4. Worn-Out or Damaged Components: Over time, components like the ITB, motor, or other associated parts may become worn out or damaged, leading to motor failure and the error code.

5. Internal Electrical or Connection Issues: Electrical problems within the printer or poor connections can also cause the ITB motor to malfunction. This can be due to loose cables, wiring issues, or circuit board problems.

6. Outdated Firmware: In some cases, outdated printer firmware can lead to compatibility issues, causing the error.

7. Printer Software Issues: Software glitches or conflicts within the printer’s operating system can occasionally result in Error 59.F0.

8. Overuse or Heavy Workloads: Excessive use or running the printer beyond its recommended duty cycle can put undue stress on the ITB motor, potentially leading to motor failure.

To troubleshoot Error 59.F0 effectively, it’s crucial to identify the specific cause in your particular situation. Depending on the root issue, you can then take the appropriate steps to resolve the error, which may involve clearing obstructions, reseating components, or seeking professional assistance from HP printer support.

How to Fix Error 59.F0 on Your HP Printer

To resolve Error 59.F0 on your HP printer, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Turn Off and On

  • Start by turning off your HP printer.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Sometimes, a simple power cycle can resolve the issue.

Step 2: Check for Obstructions

  • Open the printer’s front door or any panels that provide access to the ITB assembly.
  • Inspect the ITB and the surrounding area for any obstructions or debris. Clear away any blockages that you find.

Step 3: Reinstall the ITB Assembly

  • Carefully remove the ITB assembly.
  • Reinstall it properly, ensuring it is securely in place.

Step 4: Perform a Motor Test

  • Access the printer’s diagnostics mode (often done by pressing a combination of buttons – consult your printer’s manual).
  • Perform a motor test to check if the ITB motor is functioning correctly. If the test fails, it indicates a motor issue.

Step 5: Contact HP Printer Support

If the issue persists after following these steps, it’s advisable to contact HP Printer Support for professional assistance. HP Printer Support can provide more in-depth troubleshooting and solutions tailored to your specific printer model.

Conclusion: Troubleshooting Error 59.F0 on Your HP Printer

While encountering Error 59.F0 on your HP printer can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that it’s a common issue and can usually be resolved by following these steps. By understanding the causes of this error and taking the appropriate actions, you can quickly get your HP printer back to its optimal performance.

However, if you find that the error continues to disrupt your printing tasks, it’s wise to seek assistance from HP Printer Support. With their expertise and specialized knowledge, they can provide the most effective solutions to get your HP printer up and running smoothly once again.

If you want an immediate solution to your HP printer error 59.F0, you can contact our team. We provide round-the-clock support to help people deal with sudden printer issues. You can contact us through chat support, email, or our helpline number.

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How to Fix HP Printer Error Code E2 Quickly and Easily

HP printers are renowned for their reliability, but like any electronic device, they can encounter occasional errors. One such error that HP printer users might come across is Error Code E2. This error can be frustrating, but fear not, as we’ll guide you through the steps to fix HP Printer Error Code E2 quickly and easily. Let’s get started.

Understanding HP Printer Error Code E2

Error Code E2 typically signifies a paper jam or a paper-related issue within your HP printer. It can occur due to various reasons, such as misaligned paper, paper scraps, or foreign objects obstructing the paper path.

Reasons Why HP Printer Error Code E2 Occurs

HP Printer Error Code E2 is a common issue faced by users, and it can occur due to various reasons. Understanding these underlying causes can help you prevent and address the error more effectively. Here are some common reasons behind the occurrence of Error Code E2:

Paper Jams: One of the primary reasons for Error Code E2 is paper jams. A misfeed or a piece of torn paper stuck in the paper path can trigger this error. Here is the detailed procedure to fix paper jams.

Paper Alignment: If the paper in the tray is not properly aligned, the printer may struggle to pick it up, leading to an error.

Foreign Objects: Sometimes, foreign objects like paper clips, labels, or even dust can find their way into the paper path, causing obstructions that result in errors.

Dirty Rollers: The rollers responsible for feeding the paper can accumulate dust and debris over time. Dirty rollers may not grip the paper properly, causing jams and Error Code E2.

Paper Quality: Low-quality or damaged paper can be prone to jams, which can trigger this error.

Overloading the Tray: Putting too much paper in the tray beyond its capacity can lead to jams and Error Code E2.

Outdated Printer Firmware: Running outdated printer firmware can sometimes cause compatibility issues and result in errors.

Now that we understand the common causes of Error Code E2, let’s explore how you can solve the HP Printer Error Code E2 issue.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resolve HP Printer Error Code E2

Step 1: Turn Off Your Printer

  • Before you begin any troubleshooting, turn off your HP printer and unplug it from the power source. Safety first!

Step 2: Inspect the Paper Tray

  • 1. Open the paper tray and carefully remove any paper loaded in it.
  • 2. Check for any visible obstructions, such as torn paper scraps or foreign objects, and remove them.

Step 3: Check the Paper Path

Paper Jam
  • 1. Open the printer’s top cover to access the paper path.
  • 2. Gently inspect the entire paper path for any obstructions or jammed paper.
  • 3. If you find any jammed paper, carefully remove it, ensuring not to tear it. Be thorough in your examination.

Step 4: Reset the Printer

  • 1. Close the top cover and reinsert the paper into the tray.
  • 2. Plug your printer back into the power source and turn it on.
  • 3. Try printing a test page to see if the error is resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Clean the Rollers

printer dirty roller
  • 1. Turn off your HP printer and unplug it again.
  • 2. Locate the rollers in the paper tray area. These rollers are responsible for feeding the paper.
  • 3. Use a lint-free cloth or a cotton swab moistened with water to clean the rollers, removing any dust or residue.
  • 4. Once cleaned, wait for a few minutes to let them dry.
  • 5. Plug in the printer and turn it on.
  • 6. Attempt to print a test page to check if the error is resolved.

Step 6: Reset the Printer (Again)

Sometimes, a second reset can do the trick:

  • 1. Turn off the printer.
  • 2. Unplug it from the power source.
  • 3. Wait for a few minutes.
  • 4. Plug it back in and turn it on.
  • 5. Test your printer by printing a page.

Solving HP Printer Error Code E2

HP Printer Error Code E2, often related to paper jams or paper path obstructions, can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above. By inspecting the paper tray, and paper path, cleaning the rollers, and performing resets, you can quickly and easily resolve this error. 

However, if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to HP Printer Support for professional help. With the right troubleshooting steps and assistance, you can keep your HP printer running smoothly. 

Remember to stay patient and take precautions when dealing with your printer to avoid any mishaps. Error Code E2 should be a temporary hiccup, and with these solutions, you can get back to your printing tasks without any hassle.

How 24×7 Printer Support Can Help You Overcome the Issue

24×7 Printer Support is a trusted online printer support provider known for its expert assistance in resolving printer-related issues, including HP Printer Error Code E2. Here’s how our services can help you overcome this issue:

Immediate Assistance: 24×7 Printer Support offers round-the-clock assistance. Regardless of when you encounter the error, you can reach out for help, even during non-business hours.

Experienced Technicians: Our team comprises experienced technicians who specialize in diagnosing and resolving printer errors. We have the expertise to quickly identify the root cause of Error Code E2.

Remote Troubleshooting: With remote access capabilities, we can connect to your computer and printer remotely, allowing you to troubleshoot and fix the issue without needing to leave your home or office.

Comprehensive Guidance: The support team will guide you through the entire troubleshooting process step by step. We will provide clear instructions and explanations, ensuring you understand the actions being taken.

Customized Solutions: We understand that each printer issue can be unique. We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific printer model and error scenario.

Preventive Measures: In addition to resolving Error Code E2, we offer guidance on preventive measures to avoid similar issues in the future. This includes maintenance tips and best practices for printer usage.

Timely Resolution: With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, 24×7 Printer Support strives to resolve the issue promptly, minimizing downtime and disruption to your printing tasks.

In conclusion, when faced with HP Printer Error Code E2, 24×7 Printer Support is your trusted partner for quick and effective resolution. Our experienced technicians and 24/7 availability ensure that you can get back to printing without unnecessary delays. Don’t let printer errors disrupt your workflow; seek expert assistance from 24×7 Printer Support.

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How to Fix HP Error 49.38.07: Troubleshooting Guide

Are you also getting HP printer error 49.38.07? No worries, we have brought the solution in this blog. 

The digital age has revolutionized the way we work, and printers have become indispensable tools in offices and homes alike. However, even the most advanced printers can encounter errors that disrupt workflow. One such error is the HP Error 49.38.07, which can be frustrating to deal with. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this error and provide a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to get your HP printer back on track.

Reasons behind HP Error 49.38.07

HP Error 49.38.07, often referred to as a firmware error, is a common occurrence in HP printers. It typically arises due to corrupt data or miscommunication between the printer and the computer. In essence, the error indicates that the printer’s firmware – the software that controls the printer’s functions – has encountered an issue. Firmware errors can stem from various sources, including incomplete software updates, incompatible printer drivers, or even network connectivity problems.

Troubleshooting HP Error 49.38.07

1. Restart the Printer: The simplest solution is often the most effective. Turn off the printer, unplug it from the power source, wait for a minute, and then plug it back in. Power it on and check if the error persists.

2. Check for Firmware Updates: Outdated firmware can lead to errors. Visit the official HP website, enter your printer’s model number, and download the latest firmware update. Follow the instructions to install the update.

3. Disconnect Network Connections: If your printer is connected to a network, disconnect it temporarily. Sometimes, network interruptions can trigger firmware errors. Once disconnected, restart the printer and reconnect it to the network.

4. Remove Extra Print Jobs: A buildup of print jobs in the queue can overwhelm the printer’s memory, leading to errors. Clear the print queue and restart the printer.

5. Update Printer Drivers: Outdated or incompatible printer drivers can cause communication errors. Visit HP’s official website or use Windows Update to ensure you have the latest drivers installed.

6. Perform a Cold Reset: A cold reset restores the printer to its default settings. Consult your printer’s manual or the official HP website for instructions on performing a cold reset.

7. Contact Professional Printer Support: If the error persists despite trying the above steps, it’s advisable to contact HP’s customer support. They can provide specialized guidance based on your printer model and error details.


Navigating HP Error 49.38.07 can be challenging, but armed with the right knowledge, you can overcome it efficiently. By understanding the underlying causes and following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you’ll be better equipped to address the issue and resume your printing tasks without undue stress. Remember that each printer model might have specific nuances, so consulting your printer’s manual and reaching out to HP’s support when necessary can provide you with tailored solutions.

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How Does It Work?

1. Connect with Ease: Simply reach out to our HP printer online support via our dedicated helpline or online chat platform. Our friendly team will guide you through the process.

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3. Real-time Solutions: Witness real-time solutions as our experts navigate your printer’s interface. We’ll walk you through the steps, explaining the process along the way.

4. Preventive Measures: Beyond troubleshooting, we provide valuable insights and recommendations to prevent future issues. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to maintain your printer’s optimal performance.

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