HP Officejet 4630 setup guide for Mac and Windows

HP officejet 4630 setup for Mac and Windows

Your printer is not only a device but beyond it. It prints all your documents without any hassle. 

You may find many printers in the market, but the question is which is best for Mac and Windows.

People always look for guidance on setting up the HP Officejet 4630 printer. 

Don’t worry! 

You do not need technical knowledge to set up the printer with Mac and Windows devices. You have navigated to the right place.

This blog will show you different ways to set up the HP Officejet 4630. From unboxing to downloading, everything is a cakewalk. So, get ready to install your printer at home with our guidance.

In the contemporary world, everything is online, yet we need hard copies.

Your printer does everything for you. Imagine your boss is asking for a hard copy of a presentation, or you have to send a letter to the client. Having a good printer is like a blessing.

It comes with all the cool features of HP Officejet 4630 that make your life easier. Your boss is happy because you accomplish your tasks on time.

Ready For a Smooth Printing Experience? Let’s get started.

Install Your HP Officejet 4630 Printer Right Away

Step 1: Start unboxing Your Printer

  • Unbox the printer.
  • Remove all the packaging tapes and materials.
  • Place the printers on a clean and flat surface.
  • Take out all the objects from the box, including ink cartridges, USB cables, and a printer instruction manual.
  • Plug the printer into the main outlet and turn it on.
  • Go to the control panel of your printer.
  • Set the language, region, time, and date.

Step 2: Setting Up Hardware

  • Open the ink cartridge box.
  • Insert the ink cartridge into the printer.
  • Load the A4 Paper into the input tray.
  • Then, connect all the wires to the printer and the device.

(You can also check the HP Officejet 4630 printer manual.)

Step 3: Setting up the Connection

Ensure that the printer is compatible with the USB connection and wireless connection.

If the printer is compatible with everything, here you go:

  • Connect the printer with your computer and WiFi, either with or without USB
  • If you want to connect the printer to device wireless, here is what you need to do:
  • Go to the Printer Control Panel.
  • Go to Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Search for WiFi.
  • Connect the printer using the USB cable with the WiFi.
  • Make sure that the printer and the device connect to the same WiFi.

How To Connect Your Printer to Windows?

  • Go to the search bar. 
  • In the search bar, add Printers. 
  • Then, a window will pop up on the screen. 
  • Select the printer you want to add. 
  • Go to Add a Network Wireless or Bluetooth Printer. 
  • Click on Use Existing Port.
  • Then, click Next. 
  • If the printer connects to the device through USB, choose Local Printer Option. 
  • Choose the Printer Name.
  • Click on Next. 
  • A new dialogue box opens up. 
  • Install the printer driver. 

How to Connect Your HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer to Mac?

  • Go to the setup page.
  • Open the wireless menu bar.
  • Click on Wireless Setup Wizard

(You will get a list of wireless networks on the screen. Choose whichever yours is.)

  • Now, your printer gets connected to the Wireless. 
  • Install the driver for the Mac. 
  • Enter the WEP password.
  • Test the printout report to check if the printer is working. 

How to Download HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer Driver?

Visit the official HP website

  • Find your operating system
  • Download the appropriate driver for your operating system 
  • Open the download folder 
  • Double-click the recently downloaded file.
  • Click on the HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer Driver installation. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Restart the device and start printing. 

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