HP Printer Error Codes: Understanding and Solutions

HP Printer Error Codes Solutions

Just like; other printers, HP printers also get errors. Imagine you have to get some documents printed, and suddenly, your printer is not working. Your papers get stuck, or you are short of ink. What would you do?

When any error occurs, either the printer or the computer displays it. It gets frustrating when you do not know what these printer error codes mean. These error codes; like ‘0xe0ef0003’, ‘HP printer error code 30,’ HP printer error code 3FO Error,’ and much more, can be quite baffling. So, we are here to help you know the basic error codes.

You get to know what the exact problem is and what the causes are behind showing such errors. Knowing the printer error codes will help you fix HP printers faster. So, sit back and read to get rid of your frustrating error codes.

This blog aims to eliminate the common error with the right solution. In this blog, you get information about the error code and solution.

We have created a list of tables with three columns divided into what the HP printer error code is, the cause of the HP printer error code, and how to fix the HP printer error code. 

Common HP Printer Error Codes: Meaning and Solution

HP Printer Error codeWhat it meansSolution 
HP Printer Error Message 49The printer is unable to act on the command or is not able to process the file because of incompatible firmware or a corrupted file. As many users are sending files at once, one of the files may be corrupted. • Turn off the printer
• Check the printer queue
• Delete the queue
• Turn on the printer
HP Error Code 0xe0ef0003Hard drive issueCorrupted master boot recordReplace the hard drive. Keep a backup of the data on your computer.
HP Printer Error Code 30Printer driver issuesRun printer troubleshooting to detect the problem and fix it.
• Update the printer driver
• Reinstall the USB composite device
• A new hardware wizard pops up
• Set the printer device as Default

Change the security permission
Follow this:
Properties>Security tab>Account>Edit>Choose your account>Full control>Apply>Okay

Other steps:
• Go to the Control
• PanelUninstall the printer device
• Go to HP drivers 
• Remove all HP drivers
• Delink HP printer
• Connect it/Link it again
• Go to the HP website
• Download the latest driver 
Error Code 0x6100004aPaper jams, hardware malfunctioning or low ink cartridgesPaper jams, hardware malfunctioning, or low ink cartridges
3FO Error code • Boot device not found 
• Issue in Hard drive connection
• Wrong boot sequence 
Solution 1
• Run Windows update
• Update all software
• Update all firmware
• Update all drivers

Solution 2
• Perform Hard Reset
• Restore the BIOS default settings
• Run a hard drive test 
Error Code 0XC4EB8004 HW_MICCI2 C• Regular printer usage
• Cartridge issue 
• Malware
• Poor internet connectivity
• Issue with toner ink
Solution 1
• Turn on the printer and take the cord out of the printer  
• Take out the cartridge 
• Restart the system 
• Turn off WiFi 
• Plug in the cable and put the cord back in the printer 
• Insert the cartridge, when asked 
• Turn on the system and the router 
• Make sure that the commands are working okay. 
• Try printing

Solution 2
• Go to troubleshooting settings 
• Select View
• Select Advanced
• Click on Run as Administrator 
• Click on the icon that shows printer 
• Then, select Next 
• Then, follow the on-screen instructions
HP Printer Error Code 79Corrupt print jobsOutdated firmwareSolution 1: Fix corrupt print jobs
• Turn off the printer
• Clear the print queue and cancel all the print jobs
• Restart printer
• Test printing 

Solution 2: Update printer firmware
• Turn off the printer
• Clear the print queue and cancel all the print jobs
• Restart printer
• Go to the Printer Menu
• Click on settings
• Find and select Update
• Download and install the Firmware
• Switch off your printer
• Keep it off for 5 mins
• Then, restart your printer 

These were some of the common HP printer errors that we have come across once in a lifetime while using the printer. These printer issues are not hard to fix when you know what they mean and how to resolve them. 

However, what most people do is either check for paper jams, toner, and ink cartridges or update the firmware. Keeping your printer clean is also essential because dust or a bit of jammed paper can make the HP printer not work properly.

Tips to Maintain Your Printer for Optimal Performance 

Over time, the printer gets clogged and dirty, damaging its functionality. This results in printing issues, a reduced lifespan, or expensive repairs. 

That’s why we have presented a few tips for you to clean your printer. We ensure that by following these tips, you can eliminate half of the printer issues.

If you are using an HP printer for personal work, you can clean it once a month. However, if you are using the printer for official purposes, you can clean it weekly or daily.

Here you go 

  • Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the exterior surface of the printer 
  • Clear the paper tray to get rid of debris or dust
  • Clean the printhead of your printer periodically
  • Unplug or turn off the printer when it is not in use. 
  • Replace the ink or toner cartridges 
  • Avoid using low-quality paper, and don’t overload the paper tray
  • Don’t keep the printer at a very humid or extreme temperature

Now that you know about the common error codes of HP printers, you can fix HP printers easily. However, if you are still facing issues with the common HP printer error codes, get in touch with some online technicians at an affordable rate.

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