Troubleshooting HP DeskJet 3755 Not Printing issues

HP DeskJet 3755 Not Printing issues

If you’re using HP’s DeskJet 3755 printer, it typically operates smoothly. However, occasionally, issues can lead to frustration. This guide will help in identifying and fixing the problems.

Despite HP’s reputation as a manufacturer of superior printers, customers might sometimes encounter printing issues using this model. In these instances, it’s crucial to identify the problem before attempting to find solutions. So you’ll be able to resume printing important documents with ease.

Numerous factors can cause issues when printing. This article will explain the reasons behind the printing printer’s problems and suggest ways to correct the problem. If you’re not sure about the right steps, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a qualified professional.

Common reasons why the DeskJet 3755 Printer is not printing

Paper Jams: Sometimes, papers can get stuck inside the printer. This is usually because of a wrong paper type or overload tray. To resolve this issue, be sure to carefully take out the jammed paper, and refill it correctly.

Problems with connectivity: Your printer may be struggling with connecting to the Internet or a network, because of incorrect port settings, loose cable, or issues with network configuration.

Old or damaged printer drivers: Printer drivers allow communications between your printer and computer. If they are damaged or outdated, they could cause printing issues. The drivers’ up-to-date version will help to resolve these issues.

Low levels of Ink or Toner: Insufficient ink or levels could result in weak or non-existent prints. Make sure to replace empty cartridges or refill the ink/toner for printing to regain functionality.

Hardware Issues: Sometimes components of printers such as rollers and print heads could fail. Expert assistance is often required to resolve these issues efficiently.

Steps to Fix the Printer

Below are the steps you need to follow to help troubleshoot and solve problems with your HP DeskJet 3755 Printer:

  • Verify Connections: Make sure that the printer has been properly powered up, with all of the lights that indicate the status of the operation.
  • Get rid of paper jams: If your printer is experiencing problems with paper jams, you can gently lift the cover of your printer and then carefully take out any paper. Be careful not to risk cutting the paper and damage to internal components.
  • Update Drivers for Printers: Visit HP’s website and search the Support section. Find the latest driver for your printer suitable for your DeskJet 3755 model, and then download the drivers onto your computer. Follow the instructions to install the latest drivers to ensure seamless communication with your printer and computer.
  • Refill Ink and Toner Cartridges: Examine the level of toner or ink on the control panel or through the software installed on your PC. If the levels have dropped or are depleted replace the cartridges by purchasing new ones that work for the DeskJet 3755 Model. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure proper installation. This will prevent any spills or smudging.
  • Perform Printer Diagnostics: Built-in HP diagnostic tools help you diagnose and resolve any hardware issues that your printer could be experiencing. Diagnostics can help identify problems with parts like printing heads, rollers, or other internal mechanisms. Follow the instructions that are provided in the software to resolve the issues that are identified.

Contacting Customer Support Team

If you contact HP’s customer support team for help regarding their DeskJet 3755 Printer, you will get so many support options that are customized to meet your requirements:

24/7 Support: No matter the day or time HP’s customer support staff are available around all hours to answer your questions and offer support. If it’s the early morning hours or late night it’s possible to count on quick assistance.

Personalized Support: Every customer’s needs are unique and HP’s customer support team is aware of this. If you contact customer service, you can expect individualized assistance tailored to your printer issue. The customer service representatives will be sure to hear your needs, examine the issue thoroughly, and give you individualized suggestions and solutions.

Advanced Troubleshooting: Alongside the basics of troubleshooting techniques described within general guidelines, HP’s Customer Service team can provide advanced methods for troubleshooting. These advanced methods dig further into the root of the problem and offer specific solutions to tackle complicated issues efficiently.

Remote assistance: In some situations, Customer Service might offer remote assistance. If you are a customer, the service representatives can remote access the printer, solve issues, and diagnose them directly. This method will eliminate the need to make personal service calls and permit rapid and effective resolution of technical glitches.

After-sales Support: Customer satisfaction is primary for the customer support team. Once they have resolved your printer’s issue They will follow up with support to ensure the problem has been resolved and that the DeskJet 3755 printer is operating properly. 


Finding the root of the issue and taking the appropriate steps will usually result in swift solutions. However, if you are not able to solve the problem yourself, contacting HP’s customer service department for professional assistance is a reliable option.

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