Troubleshooting Brother Printer Error Code 05: A Comprehensive Guide

Brother printers are widely recognized for their reliability and quality, but like any technological device, they can occasionally encounter errors. One such error is “Brother Printer Error Code 05“. In this blog, we will delve into the details of this error code and provide a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting it effectively.

Understanding Brother Printer Error Code 05

Error Code 05 on a Brother printer typically indicates a communication problem between the printer and the computer. This error might occur due to various factors, such as incorrect settings, connectivity issues, or conflicts in the printing queue. It’s essential to address this error promptly to resume smooth printing operations.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check Connectivity: First and foremost, ensure that the printer is correctly connected to the computer. Check the USB or network cable connections to ensure they are secure. If using a wireless connection, ensure that both the printer and the computer are on the same network.

2. Restart Printer and Computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve communication glitches. Turn off both the printer and the computer, wait for a few seconds, and then power them back on. This can help refresh the connection and potentially clear any temporary issues.

3. Clear Print Queue: If there are multiple print jobs queued up, it might lead to conflicts and communication errors. Clear the print queue on your computer and try printing a new document to see if the error persists.

4. Check Printer Status: On your computer, open the printer’s control panel and check its status. If the printer is shown as “Offline” or “Paused,” right-click on it and select “Use Printer Online” or “Resume Printing“.

5. Update Printer Drivers: Outdated or incompatible printer drivers can lead to communication errors. Visit the official Brother website, download the latest drivers for your printer model, and install them on your computer.

6. Disable Firewall and Antivirus Temporarily: Sometimes, security software can block communication between devices. Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus software, then attempt to print again. Remember to re-enable them afterward.

7. Reinstall Printer: If none of the above steps work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer on your computer. This can often resolve any underlying issues with the printer software.

8. Contact Brother Support: If the error persists despite trying the above steps, it’s advisable to contact Brother’s official support or any other professional printer support services for further assistance. They can provide specialized guidance based on your printer model and the specific error situation.


Brother Printer Error Code 05 can disrupt your printing tasks, but with the right troubleshooting steps, it can be resolved effectively. By checking connectivity, restarting devices, clearing print queues, updating drivers, and seeking assistance when needed, you can overcome this error and ensure the smooth functioning of your Brother printer. Remember, each printer model might have slight variations in terms of troubleshooting, so consulting your printer’s manual or the official Brother support resources can provide you with tailored solutions.

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Unlocking the Hidden Features of Your Brother Printer: Tips and Tricks

Brother printers are known for their reliability and excellent performance. However, did you know that there are many hidden features and functionalities within your Brother printer that can enhance your printing experience? In this blog post, we will explore some valuable Brother printer tips and tricks to help you unlock these hidden features and make the most out of your Brother printer.

6 Important Tips for Your Brother Printer

1. Customizing Print Settings:

Take control of your printing by customizing the print settings on your Brother printer. Explore the advanced settings options in the printer’s control panel or the printer driver software. Adjust parameters such as paper type, print quality, color settings, and page layout to achieve the desired results. Experimenting with these settings can significantly improve clarity, color accuracy, and overall print quality.

2. Utilizing Wireless Printing:

Most Brother printers come with wireless connectivity options. Make sure to take advantage of this feature by connecting your printer to your home or office network. Once connected, you can conveniently print wirelessly from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Explore the Brother printer’s mobile printing app or use AirPrint (for iOS devices) or Google Cloud Print (for Android devices) to print directly from your mobile devices.

3. Exploring Scan Functions:

Your Brother printer is not just for printing; it is also equipped with powerful scanning capabilities. Familiarize yourself with the scan functions of your printer to digitize documents, photos, or other materials. Discover features such as multiple scanning options (e.g., scan to email, scan to file, scan to OCR), scan resolution adjustments, and document format options. These features can simplify your document management and streamline your workflow.

4. Duplex Printing:

A great Brother printer tip will be to save paper and reduce your environmental impact by utilizing the duplex printing feature of your Brother printer. Duplex printing allows you to automatically print on both sides of the paper, resulting in less waste and cost savings. Check your printer’s settings or driver software to enable duplex printing and enjoy the benefits of efficient double-sided printing.

5. Navigating the Control Panel:

The control panel of your Brother printer is a treasure trove of hidden features and functions. Take some time to explore the various buttons, menus, and settings available. You may discover shortcuts for frequently used functions, such as copying, scanning, or faxing. Additionally, accessing maintenance settings, ink or toner level indicators, and error messages through the control panel can help you troubleshoot issues and keep your printer running smoothly.

6. Updating Firmware:

Regularly updating the firmware of your Brother printer is essential for optimal performance and security. Check the Brother website for firmware updates specific to your printer model. Firmware updates often bring improvements, bug fixes, and additional features. Following the instructions provided by Brother, you can easily update your printer’s firmware and ensure that you are benefiting from the latest enhancements.


Your Brother printer has hidden features waiting to be unlocked. By exploring these Brother printer tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post, you can maximize the functionality of your printer, improve print quality, streamline workflow, and enjoy a more efficient printing experience. Remember to consult your printer’s user manual or the Brother printer website for detailed instructions specific to your printer model. Unlock the full potential of your Brother printer and make the most out of this valuable tool. 

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How to Get Your Brother Printer Out of Offline State

Brother printers are reliable and efficient devices that facilitate our daily printing needs. However, encountering a Brother printer offline status can disrupt your printing tasks and cause frustration. Fortunately, resetting your Brother printer can often resolve this issue and bring it back online. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step printer troubleshooting guide on how to reset your Brother printer and overcome the offline problem.

6 Steps to Get Your Brother Printer Out of Offline State

1. Verify Printer Connections

Before proceeding with a reset, it is essential to check the physical connections of your Brother printer. Ensure that the USB or Ethernet cable is securely connected between the printer and your computer or network. Additionally, confirm that the power cable is firmly plugged into both the printer and the power outlet. A loose connection can contribute to the Brother printer offline status.

2. Restart the Printer

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary issues causing the Brother printer to go offline. Begin by turning off your Brother printer using the power button. After a few moments, unplug the power cord from the outlet and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Then, plug the power cord back in and turn on the printer. This process allows the printer to reboot and may help reestablish the connection.

3. Check the Printer Status on Computer

Navigate to your computer’s “Devices and Printers” or “Printers and Scanners” settings. Locate your Brother printer in the list of available devices and right-click on its icon. From the context menu, select “See what’s printing” or “Printer properties.” Ensure that the Brother printer status is not set to “Use Printer Offline”. If it is, deselect the option to bring the printer online.

4. Reset Network Settings (Wireless Printers)

If you have a wireless Brother printer, resetting the network settings can often resolve offline issues. On the printer’s control panel, locate the “Menu” or “Settings” button and press it. Use the navigation keys to find the “Network” or “Network Settings” option. Select it, and then choose “Reset Network” or a similar option. Follow the on-screen prompts to reset the network settings. Once completed, reconnect your printer to the wireless network.

5. Update the Printer Driver

Outdated or incompatible printer drivers can contribute to Brother printer offline problems. Visit the official Brother website and search for the latest driver specific to your printer model and operating system. Download the driver and follow the installation instructions provided. Updating the driver can enhance printer performance and compatibility, potentially resolving offline issues.

6. Factory Reset

If the previous steps haven’t resolved the offline problem, you may need to perform a factory reset on your Brother printer. Please note that this action will erase all customized settings and return the printer to its default configuration. Refer to your printer’s user manual for detailed instructions on how to perform a factory reset. Generally, it involves pressing and holding a combination of buttons on the printer for a specific duration. Once the reset is complete, reconfigure the printer with your desired settings.


Encountering a Brother printer offline status can be frustrating, but a reset can often restore its functionality. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can troubleshoot and resolve the most common offline issues. Verify printer connections, restart the printer, check printer status on your computer, reset network settings (if applicable), update the printer driver, and perform a factory reset if necessary. If the problem persists, it may be helpful to consult Brother’s support or contact a professional printer support provider for further assistance. With these printer troubleshooting steps, you’ll be back to printing smoothly in no time.

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1. Why does Brother’s printer go offline?

Technical glitches or problems related to the hardware of the printer can contribute to Brother printer offline errors.

2. How to fix my Brother printer’s offline error?

Checking printer connections, restarting the printer, setting the printer status to online, resetting network settings, updating the printer driver, and factory resetting the router can help in fixing Brother printer offline error.

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How To Get My ‘Brother Printer’ Out of an Error State

Brother printers are widely used all over the world due to their magnificent performance. Brother printers are one of the most reliable and efficient printers present in the market. But like any other technology, Brother printers also fall prey to technical errors. In this blog, we will explore common errors in Brother printers and see how to solve them. Read this blog till the end to gain detailed knowledge of common Brother printer error and their solutions so that you don’t need printer support services if you experience any of these errors.

Different Types of Errors in Brother Printers

There are various types of errors that occur in Brother printers (or any other printer). These errors can be distinguished based on the error code. Each error has a different numeral, called an error code. Different errors bring a different kind of malfunction in the printer. Further in the blog, we will see common errors in Brother printers. So, read the blog till the end to equip yourself with troubleshooting knowledge of Brother printer errors.

Various Types of Brother Printer Error Codes and Their Solutions

Printers often serve the crucial purpose of printing files and documents. In that case, if an error occurs in the printer, it might cause a delay in subsequent urgent tasks. Hence, it’s completely worth equipping yourself with all the Brother printer error codes and solutions. Below are some common error codes in Brother printer and their solutions.

Error Code E50

Reason: It occurs due to the malfunction in the fuser unit of the printer 

Solution: Follow the steps given below to solve the E50 error code in Brother Printer:

  1. Turn the printer off for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove all the cables attached to the printer.
  3. After 5 minutes, attach all the cables back to the printer.
  4. Turn the printer on and check if it’s working properly now.

Error Code E51

Reason: This error occurs due to improper function of the laser unit of the printer.

Solution: Below is the solution for Brother Printer Error Code E51:

  1. Turn off the printer for a few minutes 
  2. Now turn the printer on 
  3. Check if the problem is resolved.

Error Code E70

Reason: It occurs due to a paper jam in the printer 

Solution: Below are the steps to solve Brother Printer Error Code E70:

  1. Switch off the printer from the main plug
  2. Open the paper cartridge of the printer 
  3. Check if there is any leftover paper inside the printer and remove it
  4. Turn the printer on
  5. Try to print a page and check if it’s working well now

Error Code E90

Reason: This error occurs when there is miscommunication between the printer and the system.

Solution: Below are the steps to solve Brother Printer Error Code E90:

  1. Check if the communication channel between the printer and the system is obstructed due to any hindrance.
  2. Ensure the proper amount of power supply to the printer and system.
  3. Check if the internet connection signal strength is fine.
  4. Once turn off the printer and turn it on again.

Error Code E52

Reason: This error occurs due to a fault in the laser motor of the printer

Solution: Steps to solve Brother Printer Error Code E52 are as follows:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Check if there are any stimuli or debris present in the printer.
  3. Restart the printer.

We hope the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps solve your Brother printer problem. But if the issue persists, you can contact 24×7 Printer Support for troubleshooting your printer problem. 24×7 Printer Support is one of the best printer support providing agencies in the United States. We are proud to say that our years of expertise have enabled us to solve printer problems for hundreds of our clients. If you are also looking for the best printer support providers, feel free to contact us. You can contact us through chat support, email, or our helpline number.

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