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Brother Printer Assistant

Is your Brother printer malfunctioning once again? Don’t feel frustrated; this may be the luckiest day in your life because you have come across the right place to explore some cool features of the Brother printer assistant. 

Yes, you have heard it right! This blog is all about the best features of your Brother Printer support assistant that you may not be aware of. Don’t believe us, just keep on reading the blog.

By the end of this blog, we are sure that you will start using this feature. The first day, when we suggested our user use this feature to streamline his hectic work schedule with this assistance, he didn’t believe us either. Now, months later, he has thanked us for this suggestion of using this feature that has filled his days with energy, and is ready to take on any new work challenges.

Without further ado, let’s first look at the common features of Brother Printer assistance.

Features of Brother Printer Assistant 

Scan Documents Anytime, Anywhere

Yes, you don’t have to go around running from this room to that room simply to get your paper from the printer. Also, forget those tangled wires that take up much of your space. Brother Printer Assistant is here to scan your documents or files directly.

But have you been using the Brother Mobile Connect application? If not, simply download it and connect it with the Brother Printer Assistant, which helps you streamline your scanning to the next level. Also, this feature helps in storing and sharing documents and files easily.

Isn’t it a great feature?

Monitoring Toner Levels 

Imagine you have to print a document, and suddenly you see that the toner level has dropped. This gets on the nerves. A lot of calls that we have received are about how to change the toner or if there is any shortcut to monitor the toner levels.

The good news is that yes, you can check the toner levels that are too hassle-free. Simply get the Brother Printer Assistant, which is specially designed to help you manage your printer easily.

Believe it or not, it also monitors the toner level and gives you alerts whenever there is a need for a replacement. Also, you can integrate this with your Brother Printer app so that, in case the toner is over, you can simply order the toner cartridges.

So, there is no need to monitor the toner manually, and half of your printer maintenance issue is already resolved. Isn’t it great to find an assistant like that?

Security at its Best

You will never have to worry again because the Brother Printer Assistant works like a surveillance camera. So, say goodbye to all the ethical hackers who are consistently trying to attack your devices and keep on malfunctioning.

But how does this happen? Here is your chance to impress your supervisor by introducing them to Brother Printer Assistance. 

This is what you have to say to your supervisor. 

“You can get Brother Printer Assistant because it saves your printer from any potential threats. The authorized user will have to enter the PIN security provided by you to print the document.”

And check the reaction of your supervisor. We are sure that introducing the supervisor to this cool software application is going to blow the mind, and voila, you may get promotions.

Well, if your supervisor already knows about Brother Printer Assistance, don’t be disappointed. Keep reading the next section to find out what the next feature is.

Easy Brother Printer Troubleshooting 

This is one of our favorite features of Brother Printer Assistance. Believe it or not, you do not need any help to get support from any Brother printer. Troubleshooting gets easier, and your work gets simplified.

With the Brother Printer Assistant, you get a built-in troubleshooting assistant. This software application helps to resolve common Brother printer issues in a minute. Therefore, troubleshooting the printer is no biggie. 

Thanks to Brother Printer Assistant, who is there every step of the way, you do not need any other technical support assistant to resolve the issue.

Are you interested in learning more about Brother Printers maintenance? Well, in the following section, we are going to provide you with some tips on maintaining Brother printer solutions.

Tips on Maintaining a Brother Printer

Here, we have mentioned a few tips on maintaining a Brother printer. Learning these tips will give you the benefit of running your printer thoroughly so that you don’t face any glitches.  

Choosing the Right Paper

Ditch those low-quality papers and clear the printouts so that you can get a clear print in one go. There is no need for reprints of documents. Also, using recycled paper saves a lot of money, so why not use it?

Optimize printer settings

We understand how difficult it gets when your printer is left unoptimized. Yes, it is indeed frustrating, and the worst part is that it affects your productivity.

Here is what you can do to improve your printer productivity:

  • Select the draft mode
  • Lower the ink or toner usage
  • Adjust your printer’s default settings
  • Reduce the manual adjustments


What have you been waiting for if you still haven’t got your Brother Printer Assistant to streamline your printer workflow?  If you are having any difficulty, you can always get support from Brother Printer Help. Get started now!

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