How to fix Brother printer error code 0x803c010b

Modern technology can be a source of fear. Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B can be challenging to navigate on a Brother printer due to various issues. But don’t be afraid! Here are some quick fixes to get your printer back online. Our topic is Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B. It will discuss reasons why and solutions that might help.

Understanding Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B

  • Error code 0x803C010B can occur for various reasons and could result in printing issues, inability to respond appropriately, or connectivity problems within networks. Symptoms could include printing errors or being unable to respond appropriately along with connectivity problems within networks.
  • Error 0x803C010B errors can have severe repercussions for workflow efficiency; their impacts go far beyond mere inconvenience. Print delays can lead to severe implications on productivity and workflow efficiency in an organization. Other than this, missed deadlines, frustrated users, and downtime are just some of the side effects. This can particularly happen when multiple users share one printer for work purposes.
  • Identify the root cause of Brother Printer Error Code: #0x803C0110. When symptoms arise, proactive actions like optimizing communication channels and SNMP protocols can minimize their impact and ensure uninterrupted printing operations.

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Error Code 0x803C010B Causes 

There can be several causes behind Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B that lead to printing interruption; understanding what has caused it is essential in effectively solving and preventing further incidents in the future. Here are the primary factors at play.

  • Communication Glitches: Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B may result from communication gaps between printers and connected devices; whether due to network congestion, defective cable installations, or incompatibilities between settings – compromised communication channels frequently lead to error codes being generated by printers.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP for short, is a communication protocol designed to assist devices and printers within a networked environment. Any errors or misconfigurations involving SNMP may have serious repercussions for printer functionality resulting in error codes such as 0x803C010B due to improper network configuration settings or conflicts; such errors may arise as a result of miscommunication among network members or another factor.
  • Driver Corruption: Corrupted drivers may also contribute to Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B. Your Brother printer drivers provide an essential link between your operating system and printer, facilitating communication and printing operations. When they become corrupted due to system updates, software conflicts, or malware, their performance may become severely reduced leading to errors such as 0x803C010B. Therefore it is a best practice to regularly check for updates or remove corruption in existing printer drivers to reduce future driver-related issues from occurring.

Fear Not If You Come Across Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B Do not fret; encountering Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B will not hinder your print tasks; we have provided two methods that have proven successful at solving it.

Method 1: Disable SNMP Protocol

To disable the protocol and resolve Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B, follow these steps step-by-step:

Access Control Panel. You can easily reach the Control Panel through Windows’ Start menu or shortcut keys.

Printer Properties: From the Control Panel, open Hardware, Sound, Devices, and Printers, and then Brother Printer. Clicking on this icon, select Printer Properties before closing this tab.

Select the Port Settings tab within the Printer Properties window. From here, choose Standard TCP/IP Port.

Clicking the Configure Port button within port settings to temporarily disable SNMP will bring up another window; uncheck its box before clicking OK to confirm.

After making changes, reboot your Windows device. Verify that the printer is functioning as it should after its restart.

Method 2: Reinstall Printer Device and Drivers

If disabling SNMP does not resolve the problem, reinstalling both your printer and its drivers could help. Here’s how:

Access Control Panel: Once again navigate to Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound before Devices and Printers.

Remove Device: Right-click the Brother printer icon, select “remove”, and confirm this action when prompted.

Restart Device: Unplug your printer and reboot your Windows device; once finished, reassemble both devices together with your printer attached.

Reinstall drivers: After reconnecting your printer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reinstall its drivers. It may be necessary to download newer versions from its website and complete installation procedures as part of this step.

After installing your driver successfully, restart your device to verify functionality. Print a test document or page to make sure the printer is functioning as expected after restarting it.

These techniques will assist in diagnosing Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B and correcting it, so printing resumes uninterruptedly.


Troubleshooting errors such as Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B can be effectively overcome with patience and perseverance by following proper troubleshooting procedures. A systematic approach should always be used when solving problems; seek assistance if necessary from manufacturers or technical support forums if needed for assistance; overcoming any error with patience is rewarding and troubleshooting is fun!

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

Easy Steps to install Brother printer drivers

Brother Printer Drivers are essential to the proper functioning of any Brother printer, especially when encountering printing failure. In order to maintain peak performance and ensure optimal functionality, selecting an installation method with compatible drivers becomes essential.Here is a comprehensive overview of various methods for installing Brother Printer drivers, tested and confirmed by our team:

Installation of Printer Drivers on Windows 10

Access the Official Brother Printers Website: Start by visiting the official Brother Printers website via your web browser to ensure you’re obtaining drivers directly from their manufacturer ensuring compatibility and reliability of performance.

Locate Your Printer Model: Navigating our website can help you identify a specific printer model. Use the search function or product categories to locate it; making sure that you download the appropriate drivers is key to its optimal functioning.

Download Printer Driver & Scanner Driver: Locate the Printer Driver & Scanner Driver compatible with Windows 10 by searching online for the driver that supports it. Direct download from the manufacturer’s website reduces the risk of downloading outdated or incorrect drivers.

Agree to an End User License Agreement (EULA): You may be required to read an End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing drivers. Read its terms carefully before downloading. If so, continue your download.

Execute the.exe File for Installation: After your download has been completed, locate and double-click on the downloaded.exe file on your computer to begin the installation process. Follow any on-screen instructions provided by the installer to complete the installation successfully.

Upgrade Brother Printer Driver via Device Manager: For easier updating, press Windows+R and enter “devmgmt. msc” into the Run dialog box to open Device Manager. Pressing Enter will then bring up its display page.

Expand the Printers or Printer Queues Section: In Device Manager, locate and expand the Printers or Printer Queues Section to view installed printers.

Upgrade Driver Software: Right-click your Brother printer listed in Device Manager to reveal its context menu options; right-click again on one and select “Update Driver Software” before clicking Apply/Finish to make updates available for installation.

Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software: Select “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software,” and Windows will search online for and automatically install any updated drivers for your printer if available.

Manual Installation of Brother Printer Driver (Using USB)

Connect Your Printer: For best results when installing driver updates using USB cables, attach your Brother printer directly to your desktop computer using an appropriate cable connection and establish an immediate relationship between both devices in order to facilitate the driver installation process.

Navigating to the Control Panel: Type “Control Panel” into the Windows search bar to gain access to your computer’s Control Panel.

Within the Control Panel, navigate to the Hardware and Sound section, then Devices and Printers. Choosing Advanced Printer Setup allows for manual configuration of printers.

Enter Your Printer’s IP Address: If your printer model isn’t automatically recognized, select “The Printer I Want Isn’t Listed,” and follow the prompts to enter its IP Address manually to continue the setup process. 

Install Brother Printer Driver via Windows Update

Connect the Printer: Make sure your Brother printer is connected via a USB cable to your computer. Check the Printer’s IP Address: Note its IP address as this will be necessary during the installation process.

Connect Computer to Wi-Fi Network: For optimal Windows Update driver updates, be sure that your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Access Devices and Printers Window on the Computer: Open the Devices and Printers window to view available devices and printers.

Select Windows Update: Right-click your Brother printer, and choose the Windows Update option. Windows will search and install any driver updates available for it.

Brother Printer App: For additional support use the Brother Printer App for additional updates to driver updates for your printer.

Visit the Official Brother Website and Sign in or Create an Account: Navigating to the official Brother website and creating/logging into/logging out is necessary if an account doesn’t exist.

Search Printer Model Within Brother App: Use the search function within Brother App to quickly find your printer model.

Once you have identified your printer model, download its respective driver from its classification.

Follow On-Screen Instructions: For an efficient installation experience, the Brother App installer provides on-screen instructions that should help guide the process, such as choosing preferences or accepting terms and conditions.

By following these detailed steps, you can ensure an efficient and successful installation of Brother printer drivers on your Windows 10 system. Each method offers different options for installing drivers to meet various preferences and situations.

These methods offer many ways to meet individual user preferences and needs; however, the world of printer software installation may present some obstacles. Here is an overview of some frequently asked questions regarding Brother printer software: 


How can I download Brother printer software?

Follow these steps to download Brother printer software:

Visit the official Brother website. Navigating to their drivers and software section. Locate your specific printer model number.

Downloading software packages suitable for your operating system. When it comes to downloading drivers for Brother printers, here is how you do it:: Whilst on Brother’s website visit “Driver Download Center.” Once on their site locate what type of drivers your Brother printer requires and then follow these steps: 

Whilst on the Brother website visit “Download Center”.

Reach the Brother Support section and locate your printer model, OS type, and driver package provided. 

How to update the Brother printer driver?

Updating your Brother printer driver regularly is key to optimal performance and compatibility. To do this, visit their website or use Windows Device Manager and look for updates for your specific printer model, before downloading and installing the most current driver version.

How Can I Download Brother Printer Drivers for Mac?

 In order to obtain Brother printer drivers for Mac, visit their official website and navigate to the Support Section where your printer model resides before selecting Mac OS as your operating system and downloading their Driver Package specifically geared for your OS version.

How can I install Brother printer drivers for Windows 10?

 To download and install Brother printer drivers for Windows 10, visit their website, locate your printer model, select Windows 10, download its driver package, install it, and run its installer.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of Brother printer drivers on Windows 7. 

How to get Brother drivers for Windows 7? 

Go directly to Brother’s website.

Locate your printer model, select Windows 7, and download its compatible driver package.

Install the drivers by following the provided instructions. By addressing these common queries, users can easily navigate downloading, updating, and installing Brother printer drivers with confidence and ease. Whether using Windows or Mac operating systems, having the correct drivers installed for seamless printing operations.


For an efficient installation experience, follow these steps with care. Should any complications arise, refer to the technical guide provided or reach out directly.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

How to fix Brother printer offline issues on Mac and Windows

Brother printers have long been considered reliable tools in our digitally driven world, making them popular with users worldwide. Unfortunately, issues such as your printer suddenly appearing offline are common; this problem may surface in both Mac and Windows operating systems but don’t panic – troubleshooting steps available to take care of it quickly and easily.

Understanding the Issue

If your Brother printer is not responding, it means your computer has been compromised. The reasons for this could be connectivity issues, outdated drivers, or incorrect printer settings – it’s crucial to identify the root cause to solve.

Troubleshooting on Mac

For the successful resolution of Brother printer offline issues on a Mac, taking an organized approach to diagnosing connectivity problems is vital. Here is an in-depth breakdown of every step:

1. Test Connectivity

Ensuring proper connectivity between your Mac and Brother printer is vital in solving offline printing issues effectively. Here’s how you can conduct a comprehensive connectivity check:

Physical Connection: Begin by verifying that your Brother printer is connected securely and correctly to your Mac. To ensure a stable connection, it is essential to connect USB-connected models to their printer and an available port on your Mac. If you connect wirelessly, verify that its Wi-Fi network is compatible with your computer’s hardware or software.

Network Settings: Verify if your Brother printer is wireless or Ethernet-based by going to your Mac’s network settings. Verify that the network name and password are identical to those on your printer.

Diagnostic Tools: MacOS diagnostic tools such as Network Utility or Terminal commands like ping are useful for further troubleshooting network connectivity issues. The use of these tools can assist in identifying any network-related issues that may hinder printer connectivity.

2. Restart Devices

Simply rebooting your Mac and Brother printer can often resolve temporary glitches that cause offline issues. Here is how you can perform a thorough device restart:

Mac Reboot: To initiate a restart of your Mac, click on the Apple menu in the top-left corner, select “Restart,” and confirm. This ensures a full system reboot that may help address software-related issues on your computer.

Reboot Your Brother Printer: In a similar vein, power off and reboot your Brother printer before waiting several seconds before turning it back on again. This resets its internal software and hardware components, potentially alleviating any temporary issues or errors that arise from time to time.

3. Update Printer Drivers

An outdated or incompatible printer driver can often cause connectivity issues. Here’s how you can ensure you have the latest drivers installed:

Visit Brother Website: Navigating directly to their support section will allow you to find their drivers section.

Download Latest Drivers: Locate and download the appropriate printer drivers compatible with your Mac operating system’s version.

Installation Process: Carefully follow the instructions to install updated drivers on your Mac, typically by running an installer package and following on-screen prompts to complete this step successfully.

4. Resetting Printing System

Resetting the printing system on your Mac can help solve any printer-related issues that persist. Here’s how: Access System Preferences and select “Printers & Scanners.”

Reset Printing System: Right-click any printer list item, select “Reset printing system,” and confirm when prompted to take this action. This action removes all printers from your Mac and resets its printing settings back to defaults.

Re-Add Printer: Once you have reset the printing system, add your Brother printer by clicking “+” and choosing it from the list. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

5. Check Printer Status

As with all printer setup steps, it is critical to regularly verify its status and configuration to ensure proper setup:

Setting Up the Default Printer: In System Preferences, navigate to “Printers & Scanners,” and set your Brother printer as the Default Printer – this ensures print jobs will go directly to it when they come in.

Print Queue: If the printer remains offline, review its print queue for any pending jobs or error messages that might affect its functioning. Clearing stuck print jobs may help restore normal printing functionality and solve the issue.

Troubleshooting on Windows

For effective Brother printer offline issues resolution on a PC running Windows OS, detailed attention must be paid to every detail and systematic troubleshooting steps must be followed. 

Here is an extended guide that can help resolve these issues:

1. Confirm Connection

Establishing a solid connection between your Brother printer and Windows PC is key to solving offline printing problems, so take these steps to validate it:

Physical Inspection: Before turning on your Brother printer and Windows PC, kindly check its physical connections. With USB-connected printers, inspect the USB cable for signs of damage or looseness; with Ethernet/Wi-Fi-connected printers, ensure network cables are securely attached, with strong Wi-Fi signals and stable Wi-Fi signal strength.

Network Configuration: If your Brother printer connects wirelessly, ensure it’s connected to the appropriate Wi-Fi network and that its settings match those configured on your Windows PC.

Diagnostic Tools: Utilizing Windows diagnostic tools can assist in further diagnosing any connection issues that might exist, including Network Troubleshooter which helps identify and resolve network-related issues impacting printer connectivity.

2. Restart Devices

For additional help when troubleshooting connection issues reboot devices whenever necessary to restore stability.

Rebooting both your Windows PC and Brother printer may help refresh their connections and resolve temporary glitches:

Windows PC Reboot: Click “Start,” select “Restart,” and confirm to initiate a system reboot.

3. Printer Reboot

Switch off and wait several seconds before powering back on your Brother printer to reset its internal hardware and software components and resolve connectivity issues.

Substantial issues with printer drivers may impede connectivity problems, so take these steps to ensure the latest drivers are installed: Visit Brother Website: Navigating directly to Brother’s support section will reveal drivers in its driver’s section.

Download Latest Drivers: Find and install the most up-to-date printer drivers tailored for your printer model and Windows version on your Windows PC.

Driver Installation: Once downloaded, open and follow the on-screen instructions to install your drivers correctly. Please restart your PC after completion to apply any changes made during installation.

4. Set Printer Online

To connect online printer setup you will first need the appropriate drivers downloaded for your PC’s operating system (Windows in this instance).

Checking and adjusting printer settings accordingly can help address offline issues: For Devices and Printers: Press the Windows Key + R shortcut to open the Run dialog box and enter “control printers” before pressing Enter for the Devices and Printers window.

Check Printer Status: Right-click your Brother printer and select “See What’s Printing,” ensure the “Use Printer Offline” box is unchecked; if it is checked, click it off to bring your printer online again.

5. Check Printer Status

Examining your printer’s status settings within Windows may offer additional insight into its issues: to access its properties: Navigate to the Control Panel on your Windows PC and select “Devices and Printers.”

Printer Properties: Right-click your Brother printer, select “Printer Properties,” and navigate to the “Ports” tab in Printer Properties. Make sure the correct port has been configured for your printer.


Brother printer offline issues on Mac or Windows can disrupt workflow and lead to frustration, but with these troubleshooting steps, you can swiftly address and resolve them. By checking connectivity, updating drivers, and making necessary settings adjustments, quickly restore seamless printing functionality. Should these efforts prove insufficient, seek assistance from Brother customer support for help if the issue stays. Eventually, you should successfully identify and rectify all Brother printer offline problems effectively with patience and persistence, thus assuring uninhibited printing functionality for years to come!

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

How to troubleshoot Brother QL820NWB for not printing with wifi

Brother QL820NWB label printer is designed to integrate seamlessly into different work environments. Like any other technological device, the Brother QL820NWB may experience connectivity issues. This is especially true when connecting via WiFi. Don’t fret if you’re having problems with your Brother printer QL820NWB and it won’t print over Wi-Fi. Here’s an easy guide on how to resolve the issue. Follow these brother label printer ql 820nwb troubleshooting steps:

Prepare Your Printer Before Installing It

Be sure that you have optimized your setup for smooth operation before diving into troubleshooting. You must grant permission to the new device to find the printer in the network. This can be done via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is essential for seamless connectivity.

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Common causes of Wi-Fi printing issues

Several factors can cause your Brother QL820NWB to have printing issues over Wi-Fi. Understanding the potential causes will help you streamline your troubleshooting.

  1. Setup of a New Device or Printer: If you have recently purchased a new printer or device, make sure that they are both properly configured and set up to communicate. Some devices out of the box may need additional setup steps or a firmware update to establish a reliable connection.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi on the Device: WiFi functionality must be enabled on your device and it must be connected to your Brother printer’s local network. The printer will not communicate effectively if Wi-Fi on the device has been disabled or if it is connected to another network.
  3. App Reinstallation: Check that you have successfully reinstalled your printing app and that it is configured correctly. Incomplete installations or incorrect configurations can sometimes cause the app to lose connection with the printer.
  4. Label compatibility: Use the Brother QL820NWB compatible label cartridges. Incorrect labels can cause printing errors and connectivity problems. Brother printers have been designed to work best with certain label types. Using labels that are not compatible may lead to poor print quality and printer malfunctions.
  5. Check that the Badge Print function is activated in the kiosk sign-in flow. This function must be enabled to ensure that the printer functions correctly. It is important to configure the badge print function correctly for efficient printing of visitor badges or staff badges.

You can resolve your Brother QL820NWB connectivity issues by addressing the common causes. The first step to restoring printing functionality is to identify the cause of the issue. This will maximize the efficiency of your workflow and restore smooth printing.

Troubleshooting steps

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve your Brother QL820NWB not printing via Wi-Fi issue.

  1. Connect Printer to Wi-Fi Network: Start by making sure that your printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi local network. Verify the Wi-Fi status in the printer’s settings and reconnect as necessary. For seamless communication between your printer and device, stable Wi-Fi is required.
  2. Connect Printer Via App Settings: Use the settings in the printing app, to connect the printer to your mobile device. Navigate to the settings for the printer within the app, and then follow the prompts. For optimal functionality, ensure that the printer has been selected as the default device for printing within the app’s settings.
  3. Conduct Reachability Testing: Run a reachability or print test in the application to check the printer’s functionality and connectivity. You can send a print test to the printer to see if it responds correctly. Monitor the status indicators and error messages of your printer to determine if any issues could be affecting printing.
  4. Check Label Cartridges. Double-check that you are using the right label cartridges compatible with your Brother QL820NWB. Check that the label cartridge is correctly installed and securely seated within the printer. Incompatible or incorrectly installed label cartridges may cause printing errors and connectivity problems. It is therefore important to check compatibility and install the cartridges correctly.
  5. Check Label Cartridge Installation. If you experience issues with label printing or feeding, inspect the label cartridges installed in the printer. Reinstall the label roll according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure it is correctly aligned and that there are no obstructions. To prevent label jams, clean the label feed mechanism and rollers. This will ensure that labels move smoothly during printing.
  6. Check the Label Roll Status. Make sure that there is enough label stock to print. Replace the label roll if necessary to avoid interruptions in your workflow. To maintain continuous printing, monitor the status of the label rolls on the printer. Refill supplies as necessary.
  7. Restart Printer. If you have tried all the steps above and are still experiencing printing problems, restarting your printer will reset its internal settings. This should resolve any minor connectivity issues. Turn off your printer, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again to start the rebooting process. Allow the printer to reconnect with the Wi-Fi and try printing again after restarting.
  8. Test Printing. After you have completed the troubleshooting, print a sample label or document. This will verify that your issue has been resolved. Sending a print command to your printer will allow you to monitor any abnormalities or errors. If the test print works, the printer’s connectivity problems have been solved and it is working correctly.

Follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve Wi-Fi issues on your Brother QL820NWB and restore printing functionality in your office. Document all troubleshooting actions and contact technical support for further assistance if persistent printing issues persist. You can optimize your Brother printer’s performance with patience and perseverance.


For Brother label printer QL 820nwb troubleshooting, you need to take a systematic approach. You can easily restore printing to your workspace by following the above steps and ensuring that you have configured and set up your printer correctly. If you need more assistance, consult the user guide for your printer or contact technical support. You can optimize the performance of the Brother QL820NWB Printer with patience and persistence.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

Brother QL 810 troubleshooting steps

Brother QL-810 Label Printer is well known for its reliability. Boasting rapid printing speeds and top-quality output, the Brother QL-810 also boasts hiccup-free operation. 

If any problems arise with your Brother QL-810 don’t worry, as our comprehensive Brother QL 810 troubleshooting manual provides a handy resource to identify and resolve common Brother printer issues effortlessly.

1. Printer Not Working

First and foremost, ensure all cables are securely connected between your printer and power source.

Try testing the outlet with another device to confirm its functionality.

Try switching up the cord or outlet to avoid potential problems.

2. Paper Jams

Watten carefully when opening the printer cover to retrieve stray papers that may have become lodged within. Be careful not to damage internal components when doing this task.

To prevent future jams, conduct a complete inspection of your printer and remove any debris or torn pieces of paper that could cause jamming issues.

Verify that the roll of paper has been installed correctly and is free from damage or wrinkles.

Adjust the paper guides accordingly to align each sheet accurately, which will prevent misfeeds and ensure smooth printing.

3. Poor Print Quality

To protect delicate components of the print head from being damaged by liquid cleaners or cloth lint, clean it gently using isopropyl ethanol and soft material such as non-lint cloth.

To achieve optimal results, utilize label rolls specifically tailored for your QL-810 printer.

If you want to enhance the output, take a closer look at your print settings in your software.

If the problem continues, replacing the printhead may be necessary, or reaching out to Brother customer support for further advice.

4. Connection Issues

To ensure optimal connectivity between your printer and computer or network device use the USB or Ethernet cables.

Install the correct printer drivers onto your computer, if necessary downloading them from Brother’s official website.

Reboot both your printer and computer to address temporary communication problems.

Check that the printer’s wireless connection to a WiFi network has sufficient signal strength.

5. Error Messages

Make a note of any error messages displayed on your printer’s LCD or computer screen – these can provide valuable hints for troubleshooting purposes.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions found online or in your printer manual to identify error codes.

Resolve errors flagged by error messages, such as loading paper back into the printer or clearing paper jams to restore normal operation.

6. Labels not printing properly

Remove any adhesive residue or obstructions that could obstruct printing.

Referring to the user guide provides specific instructions on how to calibrate the printer.

To prevent printing issues, always ensure the settings for label sizes in your software match the sizes of labels loaded onto your printer.

7. Printer freezes or becomes unresponsive

Reboot the printer by disconnecting it from its power source and turning it off for several minutes to reset it.

Before printing, connect and turn back on the printer so it can initialize correctly. This will enable it to properly function.

If the issue continues, perform a factory reset to restore the default settings on the printer.

8. Unusual Noise during Printing

Any debris or foreign objects which might be the source of noise should be cleared away immediately.

Make sure the label roll has been installed securely, without creating friction with the internal components of the printer.

Identify and contact Brother’s support team if any unusual noises persist; these could indicate mechanical issues requiring professional care.

Contact the Customer Support

For help resolving Brother QL-810 printer issues, reach out to Brother’s customer service team. Follow these steps for assistance:

1. Online Resources

On the official Brother website, you can access a host of support materials including FAQs and troubleshooting guides as well as user manuals and driver downloads.

Brother’s support portal features videos and tutorials designed to guide you through some of the most frequently utilized troubleshooting steps.

2. Reaching Out to Customer Service

Contact Brother’s Customer Support team via telephone or email for personalized assistance, being sure to include information such as printer model number and serial number as well as any details surrounding any problems.

Brother’s Customer Support Representatives are skilled at finding solutions for technical issues and can guide you step-by-step to resolve them.

3. Warrant and Repair Services

Brother’s warranty department offers fast and effective assistance if your Brother QL-810 still falls within its coverage and needs repair or replacement due to a manufacturing defect.

Brother offers comprehensive warranty coverage on its products, giving you peace of mind in case hardware malfunctions or fails.

4. Authorized Service Centres (ASCs)

Brother has established an expansive network of authorized service centers staffed by trained technicians to diagnose and repair printers.

Locate an authorized Brother service center by visiting their website or reaching out to customer service for help locating one.

5. Community Forums and Online Communities

Join online forums or communities dedicated to Brother QL-810 owners to share experiences, and gain advice from them.

Other users may have experienced and resolved similar challenges, providing valuable insight and solutions that could assist in overcoming your challenges.

6. Follow-Up and Reaction:

After speaking to Brother customer service or resolving an issue, consider providing feedback about your experience to them.

Your feedback will allow Brother to develop products and services with increased customer satisfaction in mind.


Brother has you covered when it comes to label printer issues with their customer support resources, providing optimal performance and reliability for your Brother label printer QL-810. By reaching out for assistance when needed, timely Brother QL 810 troubleshooting, and maintenance, your Brother printer QL-810 should continue working reliably over time.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Issues

Brother is a well-known brand in the printing business and offers high-end home and office printers.

Brother is known for its high-quality laser printers and Inkjet Printer models.

Some common Brother printer problems may occur while printing. In case, you can’t get done with the brother printer setup or if the hardware or software is malfunctioning, you can usually finish repairing your Brother printer by the end of this article. If you are not tech-savvy and do it yourself, you can count on the Brother printer support team.

Common Brother printer issues and how to resolve them

Take a look at the common brother printer problems:

Preventing Paper Jams

With the right approach, you can deal with paper jams effectively. This guide will show you how to handle paper jams. But to be perfect at handling it, contact the brother printer customer service team.

Step 1

Turn off: The first thing is to turn off the printer. Prevent the printer from becoming a jam before using it to remove it and prevent any accidents.

Step 2

Follow the instructions: Follow the instructions of the printer manufacturer to open the printer. You should take your time to find out where the paper jammed. You can find it in the output tray, paper feed area, or other parts of the printer that are accessible.

Step 3: 

Remove the jammed paper: This requires patience and precision. Grab the paper gently with both hands and slowly and steadily pull it out. Follow the direction the paper is going. To avoid complicating the problem, do not tear the paper.

Step 4: 

Check the Printer for Remaining Paper: Even after you remove the main piece of paper that is jammed, there may be small pieces of paper still lodged inside the printer. Use a flashlight and thoroughly check the inside of your printer to find any remaining scraps. It is important to remove them to prevent future jams.

Step 5: 

Reload the Paper Tray. If you removed the tray to get to the jam, make sure it’s reinserted correctly. Aligning the paper correctly within the tray will help to prevent future jams.

Step 6: 

Paper quality matters: Use only the paper type and grade recommended by Brother product support to match your printer model. Paper of low grade or incorrect thickness can cause jams.

Step 7: 

Align and Fan Paper: Before loading the paper into the tray, fan the stack out to separate the sheets. This will prevent them from sticking. Aligning the edges of your paper stack will ensure that it is flat and straight in the tray.

Step 8: 

Adjust the Paper Guides: The paper guides should be adjusted so that they fit snugly on the paper, but not too tightly. To prevent misfeeds, ensure they are correctly aligned with the paper size.

Step 9: 

Do not overload the tray: Overfilling the tray can cause jams due to increased pressure and improper feeding.

Step 10: 

Read More: Maintenance Tips from Brother Printer Experts

Print Quality Issues and Solutions

To solve print quality issues, you need to take a systematic approach. This guide will help you resolve various print quality problems:

Faded prints

  • Check your ink and toner levels: Make sure you have enough ink or toner in the cartridges. Replace or refill cartridges if necessary.
  • Print settings can be adjusted. To improve the clarity of your print, increase the density or print quality settings.
  • Regularly cleaning printheads and drums of toner is recommended. Over time, they may become clogged by debris or dried toner/ink. Prints will fade. Clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prints that are blurry or smudged:

  • The right paper is essential for your printer. The wrong paper may cause blurriness and smudging.
  • Make sure your settings are compatible with what you’re printing.
  • Toner drums and printheads should be cleaned. Dirt, smudges, or blurriness on the printheads can cause dirt to build up. Clean them to restore print quality.

Uneven or patchy print:

  • It is essential to clean printheads and drums. It is important to remove any debris or buildup on the printheads or toner rollers that may be causing an uneven printout.
  • To ensure accurate color reproduction, calibrate your printer.
  • Check the printer for signs that it has been damaged or worn out. If necessary, replace damaged parts.

Ghosting or double imaging:

  • Verify settings. Make sure that you have selected the right paper type and settings in your printer’s software. The wrong settings can cause double or ghost images.
  • Replace or clean the imaging drum or belt. Ghosting may occur due to an old or dirty imaging or transfer drum. To resolve this issue, replace or clean the components.
  • Stability: Make sure your printer is placed on a flat surface. Vibrations can cause ghosting.

Paper Jams:

  • To safely remove jammed papers, follow the instructions in the printer manual.
  • Check tray alignment. Make sure the tray is aligned correctly and that it can accommodate the size of the paper.
  • Verify the correct paper specifications. Check that the paper used is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Cleaning feed rollers is important to avoid paper jams. Regularly clean them to ensure smooth feeding of paper.

Streaks and Lines on Prints

  • Cleaning printheads and toner drums is important. Remove any excess toner or debris that could be causing streaks on your prints.
  • Examine the printer for wear and damage. Inspect print heads as well as toner drums. Replace damaged parts if necessary.
  • Self-cleaning cycle: Many printers come with self-cleaning cycles and maintenance cycles. These can be used to enhance print quality. To run these cycles, follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Printheads that are not aligned correctly can produce streaks and lines. Use the software or menus to align them.

Color Inconsistencies:

  • Verify color settings. Check to see if your printer software is set up correctly for the desired output color.
  • Calibrate your printer. To ensure that color reproduction on all prints is consistent, calibrate your printer.
  • Only use cartridges and toner of high quality. They may cause color variations. Genuine or high-quality cartridges are compatible with your printer.
  • To maintain color consistency, replace empty cartridges. To maintain color consistency, replace them with new cartridges.

Connectivity problems

Solving common connectivity issues is as simple as troubleshooting network settings and connections. This guide will show you how to fix any printer connectivity problems.

Printer not detected on the network:

  • Check the network connection. Verify that the printer has been connected properly to the network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Verify that the network cables and WiFi connections are stable.
  • Restart the devices: Turn off your printer, computer, and router. Wait a few moments, and then turn them back on in the right order.
  • Verify IP Address: Print the network configuration page to verify its IP address. Verify that the IP addresses match the gateway and subnet settings.
  • Configure firewall settings. Temporarily disable antivirus or firewall software on your PC and adjust settings if needed to allow printer communications.
  • Reinstall printer driver: Uninstall any existing drivers on your computer, and then reinstall them from the Brother Website.

Brother printer not printing wirelessly

  • Verify Wi-Fi connection: Confirm the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. Check the Wi-Fi signal and move it if needed.
  • Restart the devices: Turn off your printer, computer, and router. Wait a few moments, and then turn them back on in the right order.
  • Connect to WiFi Network: To reconnect to the WiFi, go to printer settings. Enter the Wi-Fi password and name if prompted.
  • Verify printer compatibility and computer connectivity: In the Control Panel or System Preferences, check printer compatibility and computer compatibility. If necessary, remove and add the printer once more.
  • Install the latest firmware version by checking the Brother website for updates. Restart the printer to try wireless printing again.

Mobile Device Cannot connect:

  • Verify mobile device connectivity. Ensure the mobile device is linked to the same WiFi network as your printer. Check the Wi-Fi strength of your mobile device.
  • Download the Brother Printer App: Install the Brother Printer app on your mobile phone. Follow the setup wizard to connect and detect the printer.
  • Verify printer sharing: Check printer sharing settings to ensure mobile devices can connect. If necessary, adjust settings according to the manual of your printer.
  • Restart the devices: Turn off your mobile, router, and printer. Wait a few moments, and then turn them back on in the right order.
  • Consult the manual of your printer or Brother printer helpline resources to find out how can you troubleshoot the connection.

Problems with Toner or Ink

For ink or laser brother printer problems and solutions, you need to use the right maintenance techniques and troubleshooting methods. This guide will help you to resolve common ink and toner problems.

Low toner or ink warning

  • Buy and replace cartridges. Purchase new ink cartridges or toner cartridges at a trusted source. Replace the cartridges according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Poor print quality:

  • Check the levels. Make sure that you have enough ink or toner for printing. If the cartridges are empty or low, replace them.
  • Cleanse the printer: Many printers feature cleaning cycles designed to unclog toner or nozzle lines and improve print quality, so run these cycles according to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.
  • If the print quality does not improve after several cleaning cycles, cartridges that do not correspond with your printer should be switched out for ones compatible with it. Without compatibility between cartridges and printers, printing errors could occur as the printer cannot recognize these cartridges as legitimate options.
  • Verify Cartridge Type: Make sure you are using the appropriate cartridge. Consult your printer’s user manual for information on which ones are compatible.
  • Remove protective covers. Check the cartridge for protective covers or seals that obstruct sensors or contacts. Remove them before installing the cartridge.
  • Cleaning contacts: Clean the contacts inside and on the cartridge with a lightly damped lint-free cloth. Be sure to dry the contacts completely before reinstalling any cartridge.
  • Restart your printer: Turn it off, wait for a few seconds, and then turn the printer back on. The printer may recognize the cartridge after rebooting.

Toner dries quickly:

  • To save on toner, choose the economy or draft settings of the printer.
  • Calibrate your printer. You can calibrate the printer to ensure that you are using optimal toner and that toner is properly fused to paper.
  • Toner cartridges must be stored away from direct sunlight or heat. Toner cartridges should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity.

Toner smear:

  • Install the toner cartridges correctly. Make sure you do it by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Replace your old toner cartridge. If you see toner streaks, replace it with a new toner compatible with your printer.
  • Check for signs of wear or damage. Examine the fuser for signs of damage or wear. Replace the fuser if necessary to resolve toner smear issues.

Scanner and faxing problems

You will need to troubleshoot hardware and software to resolve scanner and faxing issues. This guide will help you resolve scanning and faxing problems.

Scanner Not Working:

  • Verify connections. Verify that the scanner is properly connected to the computer. Verify that the scanner is powered and the cables are connected properly.
  • Update drivers: Download drivers from the manufacturer or installation disc.
  • It is essential to clean the glass of the scanner. Dust, fingerprints, and other debris can affect scan quality. The best way to clean the glass is with glass cleaner and a non-lint, soft cloth.
  • Power cycle printer – Disconnect the power cable and turn off your printer, scanner, and printer. Wait for a few seconds before connecting the devices and turning them on.

Poor scan quality:

  • A dirty or smudged scanner glass can result in poor scan quality. Clean the glass with a glass cleaner on a lint-free cloth.
  • To improve the scan quality, adjust the scan settings. Modify settings like resolution, color depth, and file format. Try different settings until you find the best configuration.
  • Contact support: For further help and troubleshooting, contact the manufacturer’s support service if scan quality problems persist.

Faxing doesn’t work:

  • Check the phone line. Make sure that the phone is connected properly to the fax and that you have a dial tone. Make a voice call to test the phone line.
  • Verify settings. Check settings like dialing mode and transmission speed. Verify that your fax machine settings and network are correct.
  • Power cycle printer: Disconnect the power cord and turn off the printer (and fax) before reconnecting. Wait a few moments before connecting and turning on the devices.
  • Contact the manufacturer: If you continue to have problems with your fax machine, you can contact their printer support service for more information and troubleshooting specific to your model.

Contact Brother Printer support

Brother’s warranty and customer service are vital to the longevity and smooth operation of the printer. We will explain how to use these resources effectively.

Check the Warranty Status

  • Check if the printer is covered under warranty. Before contacting support, you should check if the printer is still covered. Visit the official Brother website or contact their customer service team to find out. This process is easier if you provide the serial number of your printer or its purchase date.
  • Verify your warranty online: Many manufacturers provide online tools that allow you to enter the details of your printer and instantly check its status.
  • Personal assistance: If you do not have access to online verification or prefer direct communication with Brother, you can contact their customer service via email, phone, or live chat.

Find the problem:

  • Before contacting support, identify the problem. Document any error message, strange sounds, or visual symptoms to give detailed information to support.
  • Diagnostic tools: Some printers have diagnostic tools built-in or error codes that can be used to pinpoint the cause of a problem.
  • Test prints: Conducting test prints can reveal issues relating to print quality and paper feed as well as other performance indicators.

Contact Brother Support:

  • Contact Brother customer service as soon as you identify the problem. Choose your preferred method of communication–phone, email, or live chat–and provide relevant details about the problem you’re experiencing.
  • Prepare yourself. Gather the information you need before calling customer service. This includes the model number of your printer, the serial number, and a brief description of the issue. You can streamline troubleshooting by providing this information. This will give the support team additional time.

Service Request

  • Send a service order if needed: If remote troubleshooting cannot resolve the problem, Brother customer support will send a request for a repair or replacement. Follow the instructions of the support team. Provide any information they request.
  • If you need to ship your printer for service, the support team can provide detailed instructions regarding packaging and shipping. Please follow these instructions to ensure that your printer is transported safely.

Prepare for servicing:

  • Follow the instructions to prepare your printer. If your printer needs servicing, you will need to follow the instructions from Brother’s Customer Support team. It is necessary to pack the printer securely, remove consumables such as ink and toner cartridges, or provide documentation like proof of purchase.
  • Protect sensitive components. To avoid further damage, you should secure all movable components, delicate components, or removable accessories within the printer. Use the packaging materials supplied by Brother, or other suitable alternatives, to cushion and protect your printer from shock.

Service or Replacement

  • Brother will replace or repair your printer. Once the printer has been received by Brother for service, the technicians will diagnose the problem and fix it according to the terms of the warranty. Brother will offer to replace the printer if the printer is beyond economic repair or cannot be repaired.
  • Brother strives to communicate with its customers transparently throughout the entire servicing process. You can receive an update on the status and timelines of your service request.


Brother’s commitment to providing comprehensive customer support and warranty service ensures users can resolve printer issues quickly and effectively. You can easily navigate the brother label maker troubleshooting process by following these comprehensive guidelines and using Brother’s resources. Brother’s support team will assist you with printer repair, replacement, or troubleshooting any Brother printer issues. They ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Keep your printer documentation, such as warranty information, easily accessible so you can refer to it quickly when necessary.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

A detailed guide to Brother QL-810W setup on Mac and Windows

Are you running a business? Do you keep getting requirements for printing papers or documents? Well, choosing a reliable printer is the most ideal thing you could do. Brother QL-810W Label Printer is a flexible and prominent device that can be used professionally or personally. It’s perfect for those who want to organize their home office and streamline the labeling processes. This guide will help Mac and Windows PC users get done with Brother QL810W  setup correctly.

Installing Brother QL-810W on Windows

It is important that you gather all the necessary network information before starting the setup procedure. This includes your wireless SSID, Network Name, and Network Security Key. These details are essential to connect your Brother QL-810W printer securely and seamlessly to your network infrastructure.

Downloading and running software: 

Visit the official Brother Support site to download the Software/Document Installer designed specifically for Windows operating systems. This installer is the key to downloading all the necessary software components and driver essentials for optimal performance of your QL-810W.

Connecting and installing:

Follow the instructions to install the software. Select the Printer Driver specifically designed for wireless setup. This will facilitate smooth communication between your QL-810W and your computer.

Selecting the Connection Type: 

During the installation, be careful to select the correct connection type. Select the “Wireless Network Connection”, then designate your Brother printer QL-810W as a “Brother peer-to-peer network printer” to ensure efficient integration.

Complete Installation: 

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a complete and thorough installation. To ensure optimal functionality, you should prioritize establishing a strong communication channel between your PC and the QL-810W.

Conducting Test Print: 

After installation, perform a test printing operation to verify the successful configuration of your computer and QL-810W. This step is crucial to the setup process and ensures that all components work together.

You may also need to take additional steps, such as deleting redundant drivers or completing the online registration procedure. These optional steps will optimize the performance and functionality of your Brother QL810W setup.

Read More: Brother printer setup

Installing Brother QL-810W for Mac:

Implementing the right steps is necessary to ensure that your printer is properly integrating with the computer as well as the wireless network. Take a look:

Collect network information:

Gathering essential network information is important before you begin the setup process. The SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Network Security Key Password (Password) are important. These details are required to establish a secure connection between the Brother QL-810W and your Mac.

Download the Software:

Use your browser to navigate to the official Brother Support site. Find the software section and look for the Mac-specific software packages. Install the software on your Mac by downloading it to its local storage.

Install the Software:

Locate the installer file on your Mac in the Downloads folder. Installation begins by double-clicking on the installer. Install the software and drivers required for the Brother QL-810W Printer by following the instructions on the screen.

Configure Printer:

Navigate to the Mac’s System Preferences or Settings menu after you have completed the software installation. Find the option to add new devices or printers. Choose the option for a wireless network connection and let your Mac scan available printers. Choose the Brother QL-810W Printer from the detected devices.

Complete Installation:

It’s always a great idea to follow the instructions while you try to complete the process. To finish the installation and setup, it may ask you to enter any additional network authentication information. Make sure that your Mac is able to communicate with the QL-810W.

Check the Setup:

Test printing is a good way to ensure the setup has been successful. Open a file or document on your Mac and select “Print”. Select the Brother QL-810W from the list and start the print job. Verify the printer is responding correctly and producing the desired output.

Finalize the Setup

You can proceed with the final setup once the test print has been successful. Verify that there are no duplicate drivers in your Mac’s list of installed printers. If you find duplicates, remove them to prevent potential conflicts. Complete any other registration steps or updates to the software as directed to optimize your Brother QL-810W Printer’s performance.

Follow these steps to set up the Brother QL-810W on your Mac and enjoy wireless printing for all your labeling requirements.

Contact Customer Support:

Contact the printer support team if you have questions or need help during the installation. The team of experts is available to help you with any questions regarding the Brother QL810W setup.


The Brother QL-810W is easy to set up for Mac and Windows. It offers many benefits including flexibility, efficiency, and customization. This guide will help you integrate the Brother QL-810W into your workflow. Printing labels is easy for professional or personal use. In case you need assistance, the customer service team is always available to help you.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Author – Franklin

Franklin is a seasoned content writer with 10 years experience in technology and business content across multiple formats. He leverages his skills in crafting curated content on the printer issues and solution. In his personal time, He enjoys reading article and being up-to-date on trends in technology and business ecosystem.

Brother DCP-L2540DW support to fix printer offline issues

It can be a challenge to handle printers. Does it bother you when your printer displays an “offline” notification? 

That’s not a problem.

Everything you need is here. The reasons for the offline issue for Brother printer and why you should contact Brother DCP L2540DW are outlined below. Attempting to fix it by yourself will only worsen the situation. When necessary, seeking help from Brother DCP L2540DW support is crucial. Let’s go through the blog and learn everything:

The Brother DCP L2540DW printer is the most popular choice among users due to its printing capabilities and impressive speed. Even if the printer is amazing, it still exhibits issues like unexpected offline operations. A printer that is “offline” may not be interacting with the computer as it should. It hinders us from printing things in our preferred way.

Reasons for Printer Offline Issue

  • Connection Problems: Your printer needs to talk to your computer or the internet to print. If the wires are loose or the Wi-Fi isn’t working right, the printer can’t chat with the computer, so it goes offline. Check all the wires and Wi-Fi connections to make sure they’re okay.
  • Printer Driver Issues: Imagine your printer and computer need a special language to understand each other. If this language is old or broken, they can’t communicate properly, and the printer goes offline. Fixing or updating this language (called drivers) can help.
  • Hardware Problems: Sometimes, parts inside the printer can get broken. If something like the card that connects to the internet or the part that takes in paper isn’t working right, the printer might decide to rest and go offline. You might need to get it looked at by someone who knows about printers if you suspect something’s wrong inside.
  • Software Conflicts: Your printer isn’t the only program on your computer. Sometimes, other programs, like antivirus software, can cause trouble by not working well with the printer. This can confuse the printer and make it go offline. Try turning off other programs temporarily to see if it helps your printer get back online.

To get your printer back online, here’s what you can do:

  • Check the wires. The first thing you should see is all the connections to ensure everything’s connected properly.
  • Update or reinstall the printer software.
  • If something seems broken inside the printer, like a part not working right, get help from a professional.
  • Turn off other programs causing issues to see if that helps your printer reconnect.

Why Contact the Brother Support Team for Help

  • In case, your printer shows offline, you need to get in touch with the Brother DCP L2540DW support team. Here’s why:
  • They know a lot: The people on Brother’s support team are experts at fixing printer problems. They understand the DCP L2540DW printer and can quickly figure out what’s wrong.
  • They fix things fast: When you contact Brother support, they’ll help you get your printer back online as quickly as possible. They can give you clear instructions or even fix it for you remotely.
  • They have lots of helpful things: Brother’s support team has access to all sorts of guides, updates, and documents that can help solve printer problems.
  • If it’s broken, they’ll sort it: If your printer is under warranty and the problem is because something broke, Brother support will sort it out for you without any extra cost.

Why Avoid Fixing Offline Issues Yourself

When your printer isn’t working, it might seem smart and easy to fix it yourself. But it’s often better to get help from experts. Are you wondering why? Let’s understand:

Trying to fix it yourself might make the problem worse. Then, you’ll have to pay a lot to get it fixed.

It may take time for you to understand what is wrong. You may get very frustrated.

You might only find temporary ways to make it work again. The problem can come back again.

If you don’t know what to do, ask for help.


The Brother DCP L2540DW printer’s “printer offline” error message can cause significant irritation. But it’s important to handle the issue carefully and ask Brother support for help when needed. Their team knows how to fix these problems properly, so your printing can get back on track without causing more trouble. It’s best not to try random things to fix printer issues yourself without proper guidance and knowledge. Trusting Brother’s support services will ensure your printer gets fixed without hassle.

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A detailed guide to troubleshooting Brother network printer setup issues

Having a printer is like having a friend who makes your tasks easy.

But what happens when that friend breaks down? 

(In this case, a friend means your printer.)

So, what happens when the printer breaks down?

All your printing tasks are left. You keep fiddling with the settings. You keep turning your printer on and off again, hoping it will start working. But nothing works now!

You get frustrated; has it ever happened to you before?

If yes, don’t worry. It is a common issue.

The frustration begins when you do not know the troubleshooting steps. Many users fear they will damage the printer, so they do not troubleshoot it themselves. Some users call up the technicians who visit their homes to troubleshoot. Calling and visiting homes for troubleshooting printers seems pricey.

But don’t worry; we have something for you.

This blog gives you some steps on how to troubleshoot a Brother printer. So, if you are using Brother printers, you are in luck.

But you can follow these steps if you have been using other printer models. This is because most troubleshooting steps are more or less the same.

Troubleshooting a Brother printer is not a big deal, but only when you know the appropriate printer setup steps. This blog is for all printer users who deal with common printer problems. We have covered the troubleshooting steps for the Brother network printer setup.

So don’t get stressed about accomplishing your work after the deadline. This blog resolves your common printer problems.

Let’s get started.

Read More: Brother Printer Helpline

6 Common Brother Printer Problems That You Can Fix at Home

Updating Printer Driver

Using an outdated driver can have terrible consequences. Your device gets prone to vulnerabilities such as hacking or other attacks. Moreover, you will see that the device is slower, and the printing process takes forever to complete.

Updating your printer gives you many benefits. It includes better compatibility with the device, performance optimization, and bug fixing. To be precise about the benefits, countless new things get added. It happens when you update the printer driver.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Run box.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc”
  • Go to the Search box.
  • Press Enter.
  • Expand the printer or printer queue dialogue box.
  • Right-click on the Update Driver Software.
  • Then, click on the automatic search for updated driver software.
  • The window administrator will automatically detect and update the printer driver.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

However, when you install the correct driver, you get the notification. 

How to Setup Your Printer as Default Printer?

Check out the following steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Choose Devices and Printers.
  • Select the Brother printer model.
  • Right-click and set it as the default printer.

You will see a green mark on your printer model.

Rebooting Printer

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Go to the Printer panel.
  • Press the Menu button.
  • You use the up and down arrow to navigate the setting.
  • Go to Network and select Network Reset.
  • Press 1 for Yes.
  • Again, Press 1 to confirm the reboot.

Remember, the process may be subject to change depending on the printer model.

The Printer Goes Undetected on the Network

If you see a printer error offline, don’t panic. This process is for the Bother network printer setup.

Follow these steps instead:

  • Check whether the network cables are connected securely to the Ethernet cables.
  • You need to ensure that you have stable WiFi.
  • Restart the device.
  • Check if the IP address matches the network subnet and gateway settings.
  • Reinstall the printer driver and make sure the model and OS are compatible.
  • Follow the installation wizards and complete the process.
  • Reconnect it to the printer.

We have also addressed some common printer problems in this blog. 

Paper Jams

You may have had this problem; it occurs when you have tasks. You have to meet your deadline. 

And that errr sound freaks you out.

We have got the solution for you:

  • Turn off the printer first.
  • Open the printer cover or the printer tray.
  • Locate the paper jam.
  • Once you find the jammed paper, hold it firmly with both hands.
  • Pull it out slowly and try not to tear the paper.
  • Check for small pieces or scrapes once you have cleaned the paper jams. If you see no paper jams, place the printer cover properly.

Insert the paper tray properly after pulling out the paper. Always verify the type and quality of the paper. Using poor paper quality can cause frequent paper jams.

Faded Prints

It is common among printer users, but you don’t have to be worried about it. Faded printouts happen when the printhead is not clean. Sometimes, the ink and toner levels are lower. Also, check the cartridge. Refill and replace the cartridges properly to avoid faded printouts in the future.

Contact 24×7 Printer Support

Do not hesitate to call out 24×7 printer support, if all these steps do not work for you. Our technician is here to help you with the Brother network printer setup. You can fix printer software issues online with our guidance.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!

Expert Tips from Brother Printer Tech Support Specialists

Are you thinking about buying a new printer? When one buys a new printer, Brother printers are always in demand. 

Many users consider Brother printers one of the most reputable printer brands globally. They have claimed that this printer provides them with a seamless printing experience. With features like optimal performance and high-quality prints, Brother printers have earned a reputation as one of the best printers around the world.

Various technical support teams offering services for Brother printers have common printer problems. The Brother printers face similar issues, such as paper jams, error messages, etc. These common issues hinder the workflow and lower the productivity levels of an individual. 

These problems are not uncommon, yet one faces difficulty in resolving them. That’s why, in today’s blog, we will explore various Brother printer problems properly. 

Tips from Experts When You Encounter These 6 Printer Problems

Paper Jams 

It is a common issue when your printer paper gets stuck. Paper jams occur when one places the papers improperly on the tray. Other things that cause paper jams are damaged rollers and irregular printer maintenance. There could be other causes, such as the accumulation of debris or dust in the printer. 

Here is what you can do:

  • Make sure that the papers are aligned
  • Don’t overload the tray
  • Keep the printer clean and dust-free 

Faded printouts

Sometimes, you may have noticed that when you print documents, the colors of the ink fade away. In the first instance, you may believe that your ink level or toner level is down. But has it ever occurred to you that the problem might be something else?

In case you see faded printouts, this is what you can do:

  • Clean the rollers and the printheads
  • Check the toner levels and the ink levels 
  • Replace the cartridges 

Compatibility between Device and Printer

You may have seen that, in many cases, your device and printers are not compatible. If you are using a printer with an outdated driver, you may encounter compatibility issues. Thus, you update the printer driver regularly to support the computer configuration.

You can contact our technical support team that assists Brother Printers.

WiFi connectivity

Poor WiFi connectivity hinders seamless printer operation. If you have poor connectivity, ensure the router is within a proper range. 

You may also need to update the firmware and improve the connectivity for seamless router performance.

Driver Issues

Encountering driver issues can be annoying. It can also lead to compatibility issues, printing errors, or slow printer speed. Other problems include a corrupted driver and installing the wrong driver. 

In such a case, you may need Brother printer tech support to fix driver issues. The technical assistance team will help you with the right resources for downloading and installing the right Brother printer driver. 

In case you wonder what to do, here you go:

  • Download and install the latest driver.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the driver.
  • Check and run the Windows troubleshooter.

Error Message 

Have you ever seen those puzzling and cryptic error messages displayed on your printer? It can be frustrating and baffling for a user lacking knowledge of basic printer error codes. 

But do not worry; no one knows everything about printer error codes; it is an endless list. The error messages are difficult to decode when you do not know what that error code refers to. 

The printer usually shows two kinds of error codes: Generic error messages and code-based error messages. Generic error messages refer to the printing error or printer offline error. However, code-based error messages refer to specific codes. The printer screen displays these codes; once you understand these codes, you can fix the issues yourself. 

And if you are having a tough time resolving your printer error code, you can get support from our technical team. We fix your printer issues instantly. 

These are some tips from our printer experts, who have observed the issues encountered by various users. Over the years, we have seen these four problems encountered frequently, and people panic

because their print jobs get stuck. However, you can quickly fix these problems by maintaining the printers regularly. 

Since you cannot avoid printer problems, all you can do is understand and learn how to resolve Brother printer issues.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining the printer is essential, thereby improving its functionality and longevity. Implementing these common tips, such as regular cleaning of the printer heads, cartridge replacements, and firmware updates, will make your printer work seamlessly.

These tips help you overcome common printer issues like paper jams and faded printouts. Whereas, if you face connectivity and compatibility issues or compatibility problems, you can follow the maintenance tips to overcome such conditions. These tips will help your printer run smoothly and give you the best results of a smooth printing experience. 

You cannot prevent printer problems, yet you can get help from Brother printer tech support. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to their technical support team.

Are you looking for affordable options to fix your printer issue?

We are here to assist you. Fix Your Brother Printer Problem in 160 Minutes?

Don’t wait; contact our expert technicians to fix your Brother printer issues at the best price.

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Don’t Let Printer Problems Hold You Back!