How To Connect HP Deskjet Printer To Wifi

How to connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi

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HP printers have made printing more convenient and intelligent. You can print virtually anywhere HP printers have made printing more intuitive and simple than ever, with wireless features making it possible to print almost anywhere – including directly from your phone! Connecting your HP Deskjet Printer to Wi-Fi is the first step toward unlocking its benefits; we will show you various methods on how to set it up and take you step-by-step through them all.

Method 1: HP Auto Wireless Connection

HP Auto Wireless Connect makes connecting an HP printer with wireless networks effortless, eliminating the need for you to manually enter network details such as username and password during setup. Instead, this method automatically configures connection settings so setup can proceed seamlessly 

Step-by-Step Instructions 

1. First visit the HP Support Page by going directly here

Launch a web browser on your computer and navigate to HP Support. Here you will find all of the software and drivers specific to your printer model.

2. Download Printer Software

  • Look for the software and drivers section on the HP Support website.
  • Search for your printer by entering its model number. You can usually find this information on the front or back of your printer.
  • Choose the correct driver for your operating system. To ensure compatibility, choose the right version (Windows or macOS).

3. Install the software

  • Double-click the downloaded software (normally in the Downloads folder on your computer) to begin the installation.
  • Please follow the instructions on screen. The installer will walk you through all the steps including accepting the terms of service, selecting the location for installation, and agreeing to them.

4. Your printer is ready to go

  • Make sure your HP Deskjet Printer is connected to a power supply and turn it ON.
  • Wait for the initialization of the printer. It may take a while, but you will know when it is ready if the power light stays steady.

5. Run the Software

  • You can find the printer model by searching for it in your Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (macOS). Search for the printer model on your Start menu in Windows or Applications folder in MacOS.
  • The software will detect nearby HP Printers and start the setup process.

6. Select the Network Connection Type

  • During setup, you’ll be asked to select the network connection type you want to use. Choose the “Wireless”.
  • This ensures the printer is connected to your wireless network, rather than using a USB connection or Ethernet.

7. Send wireless settings to the printer

  • The printer will ask you if you want to send the wireless settings. Select “Yes, I want to send my wireless settings directly to the printer.”
  • The software transfers your network credentials to your printer. This allows it to automatically connect to the WiFi network

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8. Establish Connection

  • Let the printer and computer establish a connection. The printer will connect to the network, and then the computer will verify the connection. This can take several minutes.
  • Avoid turning off your printer or interrupting this process during this time to ensure a good connection.

9. Completion interieur 

You should now receive an acknowledgment message regarding the successful establishment of your connection. Simply tap “Finish” to complete this stage in your setup process.

Now that your HP Deskjet printer has been connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is ready for use, and printing documents can take place from any connected device.

Following these steps will enable you to connect your HP Deskjet Printer wirelessly without manual configuration, saving both times and ensuring it works perfectly for wireless printing from anywhere within your office or home. Print from any location for wireless convenience!

Method 2: HP Printer Wireless Setup 

Whilst an HP Deskjet printer without touchscreen capability cannot use this setup method to connect to Wi-Fi networks directly, its Wireless Setup Wizard may help connect it directly. In this guide, we show how this setup can be completed via its control panel directly on its own. This guide demonstrates this to connecting via the Wireless Setup Wizard to Wi-Fi Network:

Step by Step Instructions

1. Turn on your printer

  • Press the power button to turn on your HP Deskjet Printer.
  • You must wait until the printer has completed its initialization before moving on to the next step. When the screen is active and initial loading has been completed, you’ll know the printer is ready.

2. Disconnect cables

  • Disconnect any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. The printer’s wireless setup must be devoid of any wired connections to establish a good wireless link.
  • Unplug any cables that are connected.

3. Access Control Panel

  • Navigate to the Control Panel on the touch screen of the printer. You can usually do this by tapping the Wireless icon, which is typically a signal bar.
  • Touchscreen interfaces should be intuitive and guide you to all the settings.

4. Open Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Select Wireless Settings in the Control Panel. This may require you to scroll down the menu to find it.
  • Select the Wireless Setup Wizard from Wireless Settings. This wizard will walk you through connecting your printer to the wireless network.

5. Select Your Network

  • The printer will scan for wireless networks in the area and display a list of SSIDs.
  • Select your network from the list. Select the correct network if you have more than one.

6. Enter your Network Password

  • You will then be asked to enter the password for your network (WEP key or WPA key). It is the same password that you use when connecting other devices to your WiFi network.
  • Enter the password precisely using the touch screen. Many touchscreen interfaces include a keyboard for easy entry.

7. Confirm connection

  • After entering the password, select OK or Connect. The printer will attempt to connect to your selected Wi-Fi network.
  • The printer will need to authenticate the credentials on the network and establish a connection.

8. Verify the connection

  • The printer will confirm that it has connected to the WiFi network after the connection is made.
  • You can print a sample page to verify the connection. Select the option to print the test page from the printer menu and check if it prints. This will confirm that your printer has been properly connected to Wi-Fi.

9. Troubleshooting (if necessary)

  • Check that you entered the correct password and that the Wi-Fi network works properly. Check the network settings again and try the process.
  • Restarting your router or printer may resolve connectivity problems.

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Wireless Setup Wizard: Benefits

The Wireless Setup Wizard can be very useful because:

  • It simplifies the process: The wizard will guide you through the steps, reducing your chances of making mistakes.
  • Direct Interaction: Touch screen interface allows easy input and immediate response.
  • Quick Setup: This is usually faster than using software to establish the connection.

Method 3: WPS Push Button

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is the fastest and easiest way to connect your HP Deskjet to your WiFi network. This method is best used if your Wi-Fi Router and HP Printer support WPS Push Buttons. This is a guide that explains how to use this method.

Detailed Steps

1. Activate WPS for Printer

  • Press the physical WPS button on your HP printer if it has one. This button is usually marked with the WPS icon (a pair of curved arrows in a circle).
  • Control Panel Alternative: If your printer doesn’t have a WPS button on its control panel, you can activate the WPS Push Button Mode. Here’s how:
    • Use the touchscreen or buttons to access the Control Panel of the printer.
    • Navigate to Wireless. You can find this by searching for the Wi-Fi symbol or “Network”.
    • Select Wi-Fi Protected Installation.
    • Select the Push Button Option. Now, the printer is ready to be connected via WPS.

2. Select WPS Button Mode

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to select WPS Push Button Mode if you navigated to Wi-Fi Protected Setup using the control panel.
  • If prompted to confirm the selection, ensure the printer is in the correct mode for a WPS Connection from the router.

3. Press the WPS button on your router

  • Find the WPS button in your router within two minutes after activating the WPS. This button can be found on the side or back of the router and is sometimes marked with a WPS symbol.
  • Hold the WPS button for a few seconds on the router. When WPS is enabled, some routers may have a flashing light.
  • Release the button, and wait until the printer and router establish a connection. This may take up to a minute.

4. Connection Confirmation

  • The printer will display a message after a few seconds confirming that it has successfully connected to Wi-Fi.
  • This confirmation may appear as a wireless light that is solid blue on some printers.

5. Verify the Connection

  • Print a test page to ensure the connection is stable. Select the option to print the test page from the printer menu. Check if it prints correctly.

6. Troubleshooting (if necessary)

  • Connection Failure: Check that your router and printer both have WPS enabled. Verify the WPS features on both devices.
  • Interference: Physical obstructions and interference from other wireless devices may affect WPS connections. Try moving the printer closer towards the router, or temporarily turning off any other wireless devices.
  • If you’re still having problems, restart the printer and router. This is a good way to fix connectivity problems.

WPS Push Button Benefits

The WPS Push Button Method offers many advantages.

  • Easy to use: There is no need for complex configurations or passwords.
  • Speed: The printer is quickly connected to the network.
  • No software required: WPS is not dependent on additional drivers or software.

Method 4: HP Wireless Direct

HP Wireless Direct (also known as Wi-Fi Direct) allows you to directly connect your printer to your device, without an internet connection. This method is useful when printing from mobile devices. It provides a direct, secure connection between the printer and the device. This is a complete guide to HP Wireless Direct.

Steps Detailed

1. HP Wireless Direct: Enable it

  • Start by navigating to the control panel of your printer. You can do this either using the touchscreen interface or the navigation buttons.
  • Search for HP Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct in the Control Panel. You can find this option under Network Setup or Wireless Settings.
  • Activate Wireless Direct – Select Wireless Direct and turn it ON. Once the printer is enabled, it will broadcast its own WiFi network to which you can connect your devices.

2. Configure Network Settings

  • HP Wireless Direct Icon If your printer features a dedicated HP Wireless Direct Icon, you can tap on it to get settings.
  • Network Setup/Wireless Settings: You can also navigate to the Network Setup menu or Wireless Settings to configure HP Wireless Direct.
  • You can add security by enabling WPA2 (optional). The printer’s WiFi network will now require a password to be entered by devices before they can connect. The password is usually found in the settings menu of your printer.

3. Connect your device

  • Search for networks in your computer’s Wi-Fi settings. Select the HP printer’s Wi-Fi network (often named “HP-Print-xx-Deskjet”). Enter the WPA2 Password if prompted.
  • To connect to your printer using Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet, go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device. Tap to connect. If required, enter the WPA2 passphrase.
  • Once connected, the device has direct access to your printer. Check the Wi-Fi status of your device to verify the connection.

4. Start printing

  • Open the image or document you wish to print. Select the HP Deskjet Printer from the list. Click Print after making any necessary adjustments to the print settings.
  • Open the document, image, or website you want to print. You can print from the menu of the app. This is usually found in the Share menu on iOS devices. Android devices may have it under Settings or More options.
  • Direct Printing: Your device will be directly connected to the printer’s Wi-Fi network. There is no need for a Wi-Fi intermediary. This allows for seamless and quick printing.

5. Benefits and use cases

  • HP Wireless Direct does not require internet. It is ideal for locations where there is no Wi-Fi or limited access to the internet.
  • Mobile Printing: The mobile printing method is useful for printing directly from tablets and smartphones. It offers a simple way to connect, print and share.
  • Secure and private: By using the optional WPA2 passcode, you can ensure that only devices authorized to connect can connect to your device, improving security and privacy.

6. Troubleshooting (if necessary)

  • Connection Issues: Check that HP Wireless Direct broadcasting is turned on and enabled if you are having problems connecting your device to the printer. Please check it twice if you have a password.
  • In case your printer does not come on your Wi-Fi list, you have an option to restart the printer as well as your device. Also, ensure that the printer is in range and that there is no obstruction.


Why does my HP printer not connect to Wi-Fi?

Several factors can cause your HP printer to not connect to Wi-Fi. This may include:

  • You may have corrupted or outdated printer drivers. These can be downloaded from the HP site or by using the software update function on your computer.
  • Check your Wi-Fi signal strength if you have a weak internet connection. Consider moving your router closer to the printer to improve the coverage.
  • Check for loose wired connections. Ensure that all cables connecting the printer to your network are securely connected. Unstable connections can lead to intermittent connectivity problems.
  • The printer may be unable to connect to the internet if there are too many print queues. To free up resources, remove any print jobs pending from the queue.

How do I connect my HP printer to Wi-Fi?

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect: This feature automatically connects the printer to your Wi-Fi network, without requiring network information. Follow the instructions on the screen provided by HP during setup.
  • Wireless Setup Wizard – Available on models with touch screens in the control panel, this wizard guides you through connecting your printer to a Wi-Fi network. Select your network option from the list and enter any passwords required.
  • WPS Push Buttons: If both your printer and router support WPS, then you can use WPS buttons on both devices to establish a quick connection. To complete the setup, press the WPS button on your router and follow the instructions displayed on the printer’s screen.
  • HP Wireless Direct: You can connect directly to the printer’s WiFi network without internet access. HP Wireless Direct can be enabled from the control panel of your printer. Connect your devices to your printer’s WiFi network, as with any other wireless network.

What is the difference between HP Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct?

You can connect your device directly to the printer’s WiFi network using HP Wireless Direct and WiFi Direct. They differ, however, in terms of their connectivity.

  • Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to connect simultaneously to the printer’s WiFi network and the internet. You can use your device to print while connected to the Internet for other purposes.
  • HP Wireless Direct: HP Wireless Direct allows you to connect your devices directly to the printer’s WiFi network but does not allow internet access. This can be useful when internet access isn’t available or is not desired.

Follow these simple instructions to connect your HP Deskjet Printer to Wi-Fi. This will allow you seamless printing from your mobile devices. Enjoy wireless printing freedom!

The conclusion of the article is:

When you connect your HP Deskjet to Wi-Fi, it opens up an entire world of flexibility and convenience. You can print from any location within your network. Each method offers advantages in terms of simplicity, speed, and ease of use, whether you choose HP Auto Wireless Connect or the Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to integrate your printer seamlessly into your wireless network. This will enhance your printing experience. Wireless printing is a great way to enjoy the freedom of your HP Deskjet Printer!

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