How to troubleshoot Brother QL820NWB for not printing with wifi

Brother QL820NWB

Brother QL820NWB label printer is designed to integrate seamlessly into different work environments. Like any other technological device, the Brother QL820NWB may experience connectivity issues. This is especially true when connecting via WiFi. Don’t fret if you’re having problems with your Brother printer QL820NWB and it won’t print over Wi-Fi. Here’s an easy guide on how to resolve the issue. Follow these brother label printer ql 820nwb troubleshooting steps:

Prepare Your Printer Before Installing It

Be sure that you have optimized your setup for smooth operation before diving into troubleshooting. You must grant permission to the new device to find the printer in the network. This can be done via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is essential for seamless connectivity.

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Common causes of Wi-Fi printing issues

Several factors can cause your Brother QL820NWB to have printing issues over Wi-Fi. Understanding the potential causes will help you streamline your troubleshooting.

  1. Setup of a New Device or Printer: If you have recently purchased a new printer or device, make sure that they are both properly configured and set up to communicate. Some devices out of the box may need additional setup steps or a firmware update to establish a reliable connection.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi on the Device: WiFi functionality must be enabled on your device and it must be connected to your Brother printer’s local network. The printer will not communicate effectively if Wi-Fi on the device has been disabled or if it is connected to another network.
  3. App Reinstallation: Check that you have successfully reinstalled your printing app and that it is configured correctly. Incomplete installations or incorrect configurations can sometimes cause the app to lose connection with the printer.
  4. Label compatibility: Use the Brother QL820NWB compatible label cartridges. Incorrect labels can cause printing errors and connectivity problems. Brother printers have been designed to work best with certain label types. Using labels that are not compatible may lead to poor print quality and printer malfunctions.
  5. Check that the Badge Print function is activated in the kiosk sign-in flow. This function must be enabled to ensure that the printer functions correctly. It is important to configure the badge print function correctly for efficient printing of visitor badges or staff badges.

You can resolve your Brother QL820NWB connectivity issues by addressing the common causes. The first step to restoring printing functionality is to identify the cause of the issue. This will maximize the efficiency of your workflow and restore smooth printing.

Troubleshooting steps

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve your Brother QL820NWB not printing via Wi-Fi issue.

  1. Connect Printer to Wi-Fi Network: Start by making sure that your printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi local network. Verify the Wi-Fi status in the printer’s settings and reconnect as necessary. For seamless communication between your printer and device, stable Wi-Fi is required.
  2. Connect Printer Via App Settings: Use the settings in the printing app, to connect the printer to your mobile device. Navigate to the settings for the printer within the app, and then follow the prompts. For optimal functionality, ensure that the printer has been selected as the default device for printing within the app’s settings.
  3. Conduct Reachability Testing: Run a reachability or print test in the application to check the printer’s functionality and connectivity. You can send a print test to the printer to see if it responds correctly. Monitor the status indicators and error messages of your printer to determine if any issues could be affecting printing.
  4. Check Label Cartridges. Double-check that you are using the right label cartridges compatible with your Brother QL820NWB. Check that the label cartridge is correctly installed and securely seated within the printer. Incompatible or incorrectly installed label cartridges may cause printing errors and connectivity problems. It is therefore important to check compatibility and install the cartridges correctly.
  5. Check Label Cartridge Installation. If you experience issues with label printing or feeding, inspect the label cartridges installed in the printer. Reinstall the label roll according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure it is correctly aligned and that there are no obstructions. To prevent label jams, clean the label feed mechanism and rollers. This will ensure that labels move smoothly during printing.
  6. Check the Label Roll Status. Make sure that there is enough label stock to print. Replace the label roll if necessary to avoid interruptions in your workflow. To maintain continuous printing, monitor the status of the label rolls on the printer. Refill supplies as necessary.
  7. Restart Printer. If you have tried all the steps above and are still experiencing printing problems, restarting your printer will reset its internal settings. This should resolve any minor connectivity issues. Turn off your printer, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again to start the rebooting process. Allow the printer to reconnect with the Wi-Fi and try printing again after restarting.
  8. Test Printing. After you have completed the troubleshooting, print a sample label or document. This will verify that your issue has been resolved. Sending a print command to your printer will allow you to monitor any abnormalities or errors. If the test print works, the printer’s connectivity problems have been solved and it is working correctly.

Follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve Wi-Fi issues on your Brother QL820NWB and restore printing functionality in your office. Document all troubleshooting actions and contact technical support for further assistance if persistent printing issues persist. You can optimize your Brother printer’s performance with patience and perseverance.


For Brother label printer QL 820nwb troubleshooting, you need to take a systematic approach. You can easily restore printing to your workspace by following the above steps and ensuring that you have configured and set up your printer correctly. If you need more assistance, consult the user guide for your printer or contact technical support. You can optimize the performance of the Brother QL820NWB Printer with patience and persistence.

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