Easy Steps to install Brother printer drivers

Easy Steps to install Brother printer drivers

Brother Printer Drivers are essential to the proper functioning of any Brother printer, especially when encountering printing failure. In order to maintain peak performance and ensure optimal functionality, selecting an installation method with compatible drivers becomes essential.Here is a comprehensive overview of various methods for installing Brother Printer drivers, tested and confirmed by our team:

Installation of Printer Drivers on Windows 10

Access the Official Brother Printers Website: Start by visiting the official Brother Printers website via your web browser to ensure you’re obtaining drivers directly from their manufacturer ensuring compatibility and reliability of performance.

Locate Your Printer Model: Navigating our website can help you identify a specific printer model. Use the search function or product categories to locate it; making sure that you download the appropriate drivers is key to its optimal functioning.

Download Printer Driver & Scanner Driver: Locate the Printer Driver & Scanner Driver compatible with Windows 10 by searching online for the driver that supports it. Direct download from the manufacturer’s website reduces the risk of downloading outdated or incorrect drivers.

Agree to an End User License Agreement (EULA): You may be required to read an End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing drivers. Read its terms carefully before downloading. If so, continue your download.

Execute the.exe File for Installation: After your download has been completed, locate and double-click on the downloaded.exe file on your computer to begin the installation process. Follow any on-screen instructions provided by the installer to complete the installation successfully.

Upgrade Brother Printer Driver via Device Manager: For easier updating, press Windows+R and enter “devmgmt. msc” into the Run dialog box to open Device Manager. Pressing Enter will then bring up its display page.

Expand the Printers or Printer Queues Section: In Device Manager, locate and expand the Printers or Printer Queues Section to view installed printers.

Upgrade Driver Software: Right-click your Brother printer listed in Device Manager to reveal its context menu options; right-click again on one and select “Update Driver Software” before clicking Apply/Finish to make updates available for installation.

Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software: Select “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software,” and Windows will search online for and automatically install any updated drivers for your printer if available.

Manual Installation of Brother Printer Driver (Using USB)

Connect Your Printer: For best results when installing driver updates using USB cables, attach your Brother printer directly to your desktop computer using an appropriate cable connection and establish an immediate relationship between both devices in order to facilitate the driver installation process.

Navigating to the Control Panel: Type “Control Panel” into the Windows search bar to gain access to your computer’s Control Panel.

Within the Control Panel, navigate to the Hardware and Sound section, then Devices and Printers. Choosing Advanced Printer Setup allows for manual configuration of printers.

Enter Your Printer’s IP Address: If your printer model isn’t automatically recognized, select “The Printer I Want Isn’t Listed,” and follow the prompts to enter its IP Address manually to continue the setup process. 

Install Brother Printer Driver via Windows Update

Connect the Printer: Make sure your Brother printer is connected via a USB cable to your computer. Check the Printer’s IP Address: Note its IP address as this will be necessary during the installation process.

Connect Computer to Wi-Fi Network: For optimal Windows Update driver updates, be sure that your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Access Devices and Printers Window on the Computer: Open the Devices and Printers window to view available devices and printers.

Select Windows Update: Right-click your Brother printer, and choose the Windows Update option. Windows will search and install any driver updates available for it.

Brother Printer App: For additional support use the Brother Printer App for additional updates to driver updates for your printer.

Visit the Official Brother Website and Sign in or Create an Account: Navigating to the official Brother website and creating/logging into/logging out is necessary if an account doesn’t exist.

Search Printer Model Within Brother App: Use the search function within Brother App to quickly find your printer model.

Once you have identified your printer model, download its respective driver from its classification.

Follow On-Screen Instructions: For an efficient installation experience, the Brother App installer provides on-screen instructions that should help guide the process, such as choosing preferences or accepting terms and conditions.

By following these detailed steps, you can ensure an efficient and successful installation of Brother printer drivers on your Windows 10 system. Each method offers different options for installing drivers to meet various preferences and situations.

These methods offer many ways to meet individual user preferences and needs; however, the world of printer software installation may present some obstacles. Here is an overview of some frequently asked questions regarding Brother printer software: 


How can I download Brother printer software?

Follow these steps to download Brother printer software:

Visit the official Brother website. Navigating to their drivers and software section. Locate your specific printer model number.

Downloading software packages suitable for your operating system. When it comes to downloading drivers for Brother printers, here is how you do it:: Whilst on Brother’s website visit “Driver Download Center.” Once on their site locate what type of drivers your Brother printer requires and then follow these steps: 

Whilst on the Brother website visit “Download Center”.

Reach the Brother Support section and locate your printer model, OS type, and driver package provided. 

How to update the Brother printer driver?

Updating your Brother printer driver regularly is key to optimal performance and compatibility. To do this, visit their website or use Windows Device Manager and look for updates for your specific printer model, before downloading and installing the most current driver version.

How Can I Download Brother Printer Drivers for Mac?

 In order to obtain Brother printer drivers for Mac, visit their official website and navigate to the Support Section where your printer model resides before selecting Mac OS as your operating system and downloading their Driver Package specifically geared for your OS version.

How can I install Brother printer drivers for Windows 10?

 To download and install Brother printer drivers for Windows 10, visit their website, locate your printer model, select Windows 10, download its driver package, install it, and run its installer.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of Brother printer drivers on Windows 7. 

How to get Brother drivers for Windows 7? 

Go directly to Brother’s website.

Locate your printer model, select Windows 7, and download its compatible driver package.

Install the drivers by following the provided instructions. By addressing these common queries, users can easily navigate downloading, updating, and installing Brother printer drivers with confidence and ease. Whether using Windows or Mac operating systems, having the correct drivers installed for seamless printing operations.


For an efficient installation experience, follow these steps with care. Should any complications arise, refer to the technical guide provided or reach out directly.

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