How to connect the HP DeskJet 3750 printer via Bluetooth?

How to connect the HP DeskJet 3750 printer via Bluetooth

HP printers are a priceless asset to home and office environments, and the HP DeskJet 3750 printer is no different. Boasting a sleek design and advanced functions, this versatile solution connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so that printing wirelessly from multiple devices is possible – the following guide outlines how you can set it up on both Windows and Mac computers.

Preparing Your HP DeskJet 3750 Printer and Computer for Bluetooth Connection on Windows

Hardware Preparation

To begin connecting an HP DeskJet 3750 printer and computer via Bluetooth, both must be completely prepared.

Bluetooth Adapter: If your computer does not have built-in Bluetooth functionality, an adapter is needed for successful connectivity between the computer and the printer. Connect the adapter’s one end directly to your computer while its other end should connect directly with the printer.

Ensure your HP DeskJet 3750 printer is powered up and connected to an electrical source. Without enough power, Bluetooth may not work effectively and could fail to connect.

Bluetooth Settings – To Access them

Navigate to the Control Panel on your Windows computer. Generally, you can reach it from the Start menu by selecting “Control Panel.”

Clicking the Bluetooth Devices folder within the Control Panel will bring up a menu called Bluetooth Settings, where you can manage any Bluetooth Devices attached to your Computer.

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Add the Printer

For Automatic Connection: With Discover mode activated on your HP DeskJet 3750 printer, it broadcasts its presence and facilitates automatic recognition by Windows.

Find Out How to Add Devices Automatically in Bluetooth Settings of Windows: Locate this Option when searching through Bluetooth settings of a Windows computer, and click the option for “Automatic Adding of Devices.” Depending on the version, its label may differ. Clicking this checkbox or button enables device recognition automatically.

Manual Connection

Access Device Tab: If automatic detection does not work or you prefer manual control, manually connecting your HP DeskJet 3750 printer is also an option. To initiate it manually, go into the Bluetooth settings of your Windows computer’s Bluetooth settings menu and access the device tab for manual connection.

Start the Installation Wizard: Follow the onscreen instructions to launch this tool, which will assist in manually discovering and adding the HP DeskJet 3750 printer from among a list of devices available and taking any required setup steps.

Final Setup

Before proceeding with the final setup, it is imperative that your HP DeskJet 3750 printer can successfully connect to your Windows computer through Bluetooth and is ready for wireless printing. A test print should confirm this. This test print confirms that communication between printer and computer occurs properly, allowing wireless printing capabilities.

How to connect an HP DeskJet 3750 printer via Bluetooth on a Mac

Prioritize Compatibility

You must verify if your HP DeskJet 3750 printer is Bluetooth-compatible before proceeding. You may require Bluetooth adapters, if it does not come, equipped with integrated Bluetooth functionality; these adapters serve as intermediary devices that enable non-Bluetooth Printers to communicate wirelessly.

Start By Turning it On: Start by activating Bluetooth on your Mac and HP DeskJet 3750 printer – typically through settings or control panels on these devices.

Ensure your printer is turned on and connected securely to an electrical source; if not, Bluetooth communication may not occur as expected.

Mac Menu Access

To access System Preferences, click on the Apple Logo in the upper-left corner and choose ‘System Preferences. To change Bluetooth settings within this system, click on the ‘Bluetooth icon” within System Preferences.

Based on your individual needs and requirements, automatic or manual connections may best meet them. Each method offers its distinct advantages; find which suits you best.

Launch Bluetooth Settings and find the option for “Automatic Connection.”

It may vary in name depending on your macOS version but typically involves clicking a checkbox or button to enable automatic device recognition.

Make Sure the Discover Mode Is On Before turning on your HP DeskJet 3750 printer, ensure the Discover mode is enabled. This mode allows it to broadcast itself and facilitates automatic recognition by Mac computers.

Manual Connection Access Device Tab

If you prefer adding your HP DeskJet 3750 printer manually, accessing the device tab of your Mac Bluetooth settings is all that’s necessary. To initiate manual connection between Mac and printers, take this route.

Launch the Installation Wizard: By following its instructions on-screen. It will guide you in manually discovering and adding your HP DeskJet 3750 printer from a list of available devices, with any required setup steps taking place automatically.

Finalizing Setup

Once your HP DeskJet 3750 printer is added to a Mac computer, print a test page to validate its connection and ensure it can effectively communicate with it for wireless printing needs. A test print ensures your HP printer can interact with both Macs simultaneously.

HP DeskJet 3750 Wireless Printing: The Final Word

The HP DeskJet 3755 delivers unsurpassed convenience and flexibility when connected via Bluetooth, with a setup, that’s straightforward on both PC (Mac) and Mac platforms. Wireless printing enables printing from any device without connecting cables directly to it.

Follow these steps to connect your HP DeskJet 3750 printer to your computer and print documents wirelessly, increasing productivity and efficiency at home and in the office. Printing with HP DeskJet 3750 is seamless, so you can focus on what matters most work.

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