A detailed guide to Brother QL-810W setup on Mac and Windows

Brother ql 810w setup

Are you running a business? Do you keep getting requirements for printing papers or documents? Well, choosing a reliable printer is the most ideal thing you could do. Brother QL-810W Label Printer is a flexible and prominent device that can be used professionally or personally. It’s perfect for those who want to organize their home office and streamline the labeling processes. This guide will help Mac and Windows PC users get done with Brother QL810W  setup correctly.

Installing Brother QL-810W on Windows

It is important that you gather all the necessary network information before starting the setup procedure. This includes your wireless SSID, Network Name, and Network Security Key. These details are essential to connect your Brother QL-810W printer securely and seamlessly to your network infrastructure.

Downloading and running software: 

Visit the official Brother Support site to download the Software/Document Installer designed specifically for Windows operating systems. This installer is the key to downloading all the necessary software components and driver essentials for optimal performance of your QL-810W.

Connecting and installing:

Follow the instructions to install the software. Select the Printer Driver specifically designed for wireless setup. This will facilitate smooth communication between your QL-810W and your computer.

Selecting the Connection Type: 

During the installation, be careful to select the correct connection type. Select the “Wireless Network Connection”, then designate your Brother printer QL-810W as a “Brother peer-to-peer network printer” to ensure efficient integration.

Complete Installation: 

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a complete and thorough installation. To ensure optimal functionality, you should prioritize establishing a strong communication channel between your PC and the QL-810W.

Conducting Test Print: 

After installation, perform a test printing operation to verify the successful configuration of your computer and QL-810W. This step is crucial to the setup process and ensures that all components work together.

You may also need to take additional steps, such as deleting redundant drivers or completing the online registration procedure. These optional steps will optimize the performance and functionality of your Brother QL810W setup.

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Installing Brother QL-810W for Mac:

Implementing the right steps is necessary to ensure that your printer is properly integrating with the computer as well as the wireless network. Take a look:

Collect network information:

Gathering essential network information is important before you begin the setup process. The SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Network Security Key Password (Password) are important. These details are required to establish a secure connection between the Brother QL-810W and your Mac.

Download the Software:

Use your browser to navigate to the official Brother Support site. Find the software section and look for the Mac-specific software packages. Install the software on your Mac by downloading it to its local storage.

Install the Software:

Locate the installer file on your Mac in the Downloads folder. Installation begins by double-clicking on the installer. Install the software and drivers required for the Brother QL-810W Printer by following the instructions on the screen.

Configure Printer:

Navigate to the Mac’s System Preferences or Settings menu after you have completed the software installation. Find the option to add new devices or printers. Choose the option for a wireless network connection and let your Mac scan available printers. Choose the Brother QL-810W Printer from the detected devices.

Complete Installation:

It’s always a great idea to follow the instructions while you try to complete the process. To finish the installation and setup, it may ask you to enter any additional network authentication information. Make sure that your Mac is able to communicate with the QL-810W.

Check the Setup:

Test printing is a good way to ensure the setup has been successful. Open a file or document on your Mac and select “Print”. Select the Brother QL-810W from the list and start the print job. Verify the printer is responding correctly and producing the desired output.

Finalize the Setup

You can proceed with the final setup once the test print has been successful. Verify that there are no duplicate drivers in your Mac’s list of installed printers. If you find duplicates, remove them to prevent potential conflicts. Complete any other registration steps or updates to the software as directed to optimize your Brother QL-810W Printer’s performance.

Follow these steps to set up the Brother QL-810W on your Mac and enjoy wireless printing for all your labeling requirements.

Contact Customer Support:

Contact the printer support team if you have questions or need help during the installation. The team of experts is available to help you with any questions regarding the Brother QL810W setup.


The Brother QL-810W is easy to set up for Mac and Windows. It offers many benefits including flexibility, efficiency, and customization. This guide will help you integrate the Brother QL-810W into your workflow. Printing labels is easy for professional or personal use. In case you need assistance, the customer service team is always available to help you.

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