Brother QL 810 troubleshooting steps

Brother QL 810 troubleshooting steps

Brother QL-810 Label Printer is well known for its reliability. Boasting rapid printing speeds and top-quality output, the Brother QL-810 also boasts hiccup-free operation. 

If any problems arise with your Brother QL-810 don’t worry, as our comprehensive Brother QL 810 troubleshooting manual provides a handy resource to identify and resolve common Brother printer issues effortlessly.

1. Printer Not Working

First and foremost, ensure all cables are securely connected between your printer and power source.

Try testing the outlet with another device to confirm its functionality.

Try switching up the cord or outlet to avoid potential problems.

2. Paper Jams

Watten carefully when opening the printer cover to retrieve stray papers that may have become lodged within. Be careful not to damage internal components when doing this task.

To prevent future jams, conduct a complete inspection of your printer and remove any debris or torn pieces of paper that could cause jamming issues.

Verify that the roll of paper has been installed correctly and is free from damage or wrinkles.

Adjust the paper guides accordingly to align each sheet accurately, which will prevent misfeeds and ensure smooth printing.

3. Poor Print Quality

To protect delicate components of the print head from being damaged by liquid cleaners or cloth lint, clean it gently using isopropyl ethanol and soft material such as non-lint cloth.

To achieve optimal results, utilize label rolls specifically tailored for your QL-810 printer.

If you want to enhance the output, take a closer look at your print settings in your software.

If the problem continues, replacing the printhead may be necessary, or reaching out to Brother customer support for further advice.

4. Connection Issues

To ensure optimal connectivity between your printer and computer or network device use the USB or Ethernet cables.

Install the correct printer drivers onto your computer, if necessary downloading them from Brother’s official website.

Reboot both your printer and computer to address temporary communication problems.

Check that the printer’s wireless connection to a WiFi network has sufficient signal strength.

5. Error Messages

Make a note of any error messages displayed on your printer’s LCD or computer screen – these can provide valuable hints for troubleshooting purposes.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions found online or in your printer manual to identify error codes.

Resolve errors flagged by error messages, such as loading paper back into the printer or clearing paper jams to restore normal operation.

6. Labels not printing properly

Remove any adhesive residue or obstructions that could obstruct printing.

Referring to the user guide provides specific instructions on how to calibrate the printer.

To prevent printing issues, always ensure the settings for label sizes in your software match the sizes of labels loaded onto your printer.

7. Printer freezes or becomes unresponsive

Reboot the printer by disconnecting it from its power source and turning it off for several minutes to reset it.

Before printing, connect and turn back on the printer so it can initialize correctly. This will enable it to properly function.

If the issue continues, perform a factory reset to restore the default settings on the printer.

8. Unusual Noise during Printing

Any debris or foreign objects which might be the source of noise should be cleared away immediately.

Make sure the label roll has been installed securely, without creating friction with the internal components of the printer.

Identify and contact Brother’s support team if any unusual noises persist; these could indicate mechanical issues requiring professional care.

Contact the Customer Support

For help resolving Brother QL-810 printer issues, reach out to Brother’s customer service team. Follow these steps for assistance:

1. Online Resources

On the official Brother website, you can access a host of support materials including FAQs and troubleshooting guides as well as user manuals and driver downloads.

Brother’s support portal features videos and tutorials designed to guide you through some of the most frequently utilized troubleshooting steps.

2. Reaching Out to Customer Service

Contact Brother’s Customer Support team via telephone or email for personalized assistance, being sure to include information such as printer model number and serial number as well as any details surrounding any problems.

Brother’s Customer Support Representatives are skilled at finding solutions for technical issues and can guide you step-by-step to resolve them.

3. Warrant and Repair Services

Brother’s warranty department offers fast and effective assistance if your Brother QL-810 still falls within its coverage and needs repair or replacement due to a manufacturing defect.

Brother offers comprehensive warranty coverage on its products, giving you peace of mind in case hardware malfunctions or fails.

4. Authorized Service Centres (ASCs)

Brother has established an expansive network of authorized service centers staffed by trained technicians to diagnose and repair printers.

Locate an authorized Brother service center by visiting their website or reaching out to customer service for help locating one.

5. Community Forums and Online Communities

Join online forums or communities dedicated to Brother QL-810 owners to share experiences, and gain advice from them.

Other users may have experienced and resolved similar challenges, providing valuable insight and solutions that could assist in overcoming your challenges.

6. Follow-Up and Reaction:

After speaking to Brother customer service or resolving an issue, consider providing feedback about your experience to them.

Your feedback will allow Brother to develop products and services with increased customer satisfaction in mind.


Brother has you covered when it comes to label printer issues with their customer support resources, providing optimal performance and reliability for your Brother label printer QL-810. By reaching out for assistance when needed, timely Brother QL 810 troubleshooting, and maintenance, your Brother printer QL-810 should continue working reliably over time.

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