Ways to fix HP Printer Offline Error

Fixed hp printer offline error

Have you ever faced the error, “HP Printer is offline” while trying to print something? This error occurs when the system is unable to communicate with the printer. So, there is a possibility that your cable is not attached correctly or simply, a paper jam. 

Other causes for HP Printer offline errors are:       

  • Loose cable connections
  • Outdated printer driver
  • Outdated operating system

The error can be annoying at times as it doesn’t let you print anything. Here are some solutions you can try to fix HP printer offline errors.

Here are some ways to resolve your HP printer error

Check the printer and network connection

Connect your printer to your system properly. Do check whether the cables are connected properly or not and check your internet connection.  

If the printer is wireless, make sure to connect the printer and computer to the same wifi network. In addition, you can turn off your printer for 15-20 seconds and turn it on again to check the printer and network connection.

Check your printer driver

Printers need a printer driver to communicate with the system and function. Outdated or corrupt printer driver leads to HP printer offline error. Go to settings and make sure the printer driver is updated.

Download the HP Smart App

HP Smart app helps you fix printer issues. Install the app and add your printer. Go to the printer option and select the ‘diagnose & fix’ option.

Download HP Print and Scan Doctor

If the problem continues, download the HP Print and Scan software. This software specifically solves printer offline issues for both Windows and Mac users.

Make sure to set your default HP printer 

Other available printers might be selected as your default printer. Go to settings and select the HP printer as your default printer. If the problem continues, try the succeeding steps.

Check for ink cartridge and paper jam issues

Make sure that the ink cartridge is working properly and that no paper jam is there inside the printer.

Check the ‘Use printer offline’ setting

One solution is to check if the ‘use printer offline’ setting is turned off or not. If this setting is enabled, the printer is unable to print.

Check print spooler service status

The print spooler helps to determine the order of pages in a particular arrangement. This print spooler must be running to print any document.

Clear print jobs to resolve HP Printer error

Print jobs are the queue of printing tasks aligned to be executed. If a print job fails in execution, it might block other jobs too.

In a nutshell,

Keep your printer driver updated to avoid HP printer offline errors. If it still occurs, follow the above steps to eliminate it. Sometimes loose cable connections or a corrupt/outdated operating system might also be the reason for this error. Hence keep your operating system & drivers perfectly installed and updated.

If you are still unable to resolve your HP printer offline error, contact our printer support team.

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