How To Turn Off Auto Updates in HP Color LaserJet Printer?

Turn Off Auto Updates in HP LaserJet Color Printer

There is no wonder technology has eased our tasks, especially taking out prints, which is one of them.  When printing pages, the HP Color LaserJet printer always comes first. However There may be times when you are printing something important, and the automatic update starts. As a result, the printing page gets stuck or stops printing more copies. 

You can overcome this problem by turning off the automatic updates. In this post, we will tell you how to turn off auto updates. But before getting into the steps, let us understand why there is a need for automatic updates.

4 Reasons Why Firmware Updates Are Important

  • Prevents bugs
  • Enhance the speed of the device
  • Keep printer updated
  • Speeds up the processor

Here, is how you can turn off auto updates in the HP Color LaserJet Printer.

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on it. 

Step 2: Once you find the settings button, click on the access menu. 

Step 3: After choosing the access menu, go to the Service option. 

Step 4: Once you go to the service page, click on the update option. 

Step 5: Under the update section, there is an option called ‘LaserJet Update’. 

Step 6: After selecting ‘LaserJet Update’, click on ‘Manage Updates’. 

Step 7: After clicking ‘Manage Updates’, you will get the ‘Allow Downgrade’ option. Click on that and Choose ‘No’. 

This will stop your printer from auto-updating.

In conclusion, if you follow the above seven steps, you will be successfully able to turn off the auto-update of the printer. However, in case you need help or are facing any issues, HP Color LaserJet printer support is there to help you. To know more about how we can help with troubleshooting printer issues, contact the HP printer helpline.

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