5 Quick Ways to Fix HP 60.02 Error

HP printer error 60.02

The HP 60.02 error is one of the common problems of HP LaserJet printers. Most of the time incorrect installation of the input tray leads to this error. The error may also cause a loud and disturbing sound while taking out prints. Reinstalling the input tray of the printer is one of the simplest solutions for the HP printer 60.02 error.

Here, we will help you to fix your printer error in just five steps. But before that let us understand the various causes of the 60.02 error.

What are the causes of the 60.02 error on the HP Printer?

A major reason for the 60.02 error on the HP Printer is the improper installation of the paper sheets in the tray. For example, the last sheet of paper folds on the front side of the tray.

Other reasons for the 60.02 error on HP Printers are:

  • A sheet of paper that is in contact with the input tray, might have folds in it which are causing interruptions.
  • Damaged lift motor or the input tray.
  • The spring connected to the top of the lift motor might be damaged and cause the HP 60.02 error.
  • One reason can be the improper functioning of the paper sensor. Sometimes, the paper sensor takes too long to start functioning.

How do I fix the HP 60.02 error code?

You can try reinstalling the paper tray of your printer to solve the HP 60.02 error. You should check the paper tray and lift motor and if they are damaged or not working properly, try replacing them. Below is a detailed explanation of how to solve the HP 60.02 error on HP LaserJet printers.

Reinstall the paper tray into the printer

The HP 60.02 error may have occurred as a result of the improper insertion of paper sheets. Firstly, ensure that the sheets are properly installed, take out the tray from the printer, and remove all the sheets. Now carefully insert the sheets into the tray and insert the tray inside the printer.

Reinstall the spring on your HP printer

A broken spring can cause a 60.02 error. Furthermore, it causes issues with the gear of the paper tray. If the spring is broken, you should consider replacing it immediately. The spring is present on the top of the lift motor.

Consider replacing the paper tray/lift motor

However, all the tried and tested methods are still leading to a 60.02 error continues then the problem might be in your paper tray or the lift motor of the printer. Try to resolve the issue by replacing the paper tray/ lift motor.

Keep your printer on a flat surface

Your printer might be placed on an angle that might stop the tray from lifting. Keep your printer on an even surface to avoid a 60.02 error

Check if the tray is properly set in the printer

If you have not set the tray properly, it may lift from the backside every time you give a print command. You might hear a disturbing sound every time you print something. And, it can lead to 60.02 errors.

In conclusion, improper installation of the paper tray, a broken spring, or wrong alignment of paper sheets can cause 60.02 errors inside the HP LaserJet printer. Avoid these common mistakes to refrain from HP 60.02 errors on your printer.

In case, you are still facing printer error 60.02 error, contact our HP printer customer support team.

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