How to Fix Error 49.4cO2 on Your HP Printer

HP Printer Error 49.4cO2 is fixed

HP printers are known for their efficient and reliable performance. They are used widely in all the parts of world. However, like any other technology, HP printers may also face technical issues, glitches, and errors. HP Printer 49.4cO2 error is a common error among HP printers. In this blog post, we will see how you can troubleshoot the HP Printer 49.4cO2 error. 

Reasons behind the HP Printer 49.4cO2 error

HP Printer 49.4cO2 error can occur due to any mishandling or overuse of the printer. Before we proceed with the troubleshooting methods, let us take a look at the reasons behind the issue:

  • Internal technical functionality problem
  • Misconfiguration between the printer and the system
  • Outdated version of printer firmware
  • Multiple print jobs
  • Weak internet connection

Troubleshooting methods of HP Printer 49.4cO2 error

If you are also experiencing an HP printer 49.4cO2 error, this blog post will help you to solve the issue. Below are 3 methods to troubleshoot the 49.4cO2 error.

Update the firmware of Your HP printer

The first thing you should pay attention to is the firmware of your printer. If your HP printer has outdated or corrupted firmware, there will be a lack of proper communication between the printer and the system, leading to a 49.4cO2 error. You can solve the issue by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click the Windows button on your system 
  2. Now type “printer and scanners” and now select HP printer from the list.
  3. Click on the option “See what’s printing”.
  4. Now right-click on the white space and select the option “cancel all documents”.
  5. Your printer has come in ready state mode and now you can update the firmware of your printer.

Disable Advanced Printing Features

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you, you can try this method to troubleshoot the error. You need to disable the advanced printing feature in this method. Below are the steps to disable the advanced printing feature option in your HP printer:

  1. Click on the “Windows” button on your keyboard and type printers and scanners. Open printers and scanner settings.
  2. Select the HP printer from the list and select the “print queue” option.
  3. Now click on the “printing preference” option.
  4. Then select the “advance” option and navigate to the “advanced printing features” option.
  5. Disable the “advanced printing features” option.
  6. Check if the 49.4cO2 error is gone.

Print PDF as Image

Often while printing a PDF, people get a 49.4cO2 error. This happens due to the presence of unusual fonts in the document. You can try printing the PDF file as an image and see if this solves the problem. Below are steps to print the pdf as an image file.

  1. Start by clearing the print queue and restarting the printer. 
  2. Now open the PDF that you want to print.
  3. Now hold the Windows + P keys to open the print window and select the advanced option.
  4. Then check the box against the option print as image and click on OK.
  5. Now print the document and see if the issue is resolved.

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You can try these methods to solve your HP printer 49.4cO2 error. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved. But in case the problem persists, you can take the help of our HP printer customer support. At 24×7 Printer Customer Support, we help our clients troubleshoot their HP printer issues. We provide round-the-clock customer support for printer maintenance.

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