How to fix Brother printer error code 0x803c010b

How to fix brother printer error code 0x803c010b

Modern technology can be a source of fear. Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B can be challenging to navigate on a Brother printer due to various issues. But don’t be afraid! Here are some quick fixes to get your printer back online. Our topic is Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B. It will discuss reasons why and solutions that might help.

Understanding Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B

  • Error code 0x803C010B can occur for various reasons and could result in printing issues, inability to respond appropriately, or connectivity problems within networks. Symptoms could include printing errors or being unable to respond appropriately along with connectivity problems within networks.
  • Error 0x803C010B errors can have severe repercussions for workflow efficiency; their impacts go far beyond mere inconvenience. Print delays can lead to severe implications on productivity and workflow efficiency in an organization. Other than this, missed deadlines, frustrated users, and downtime are just some of the side effects. This can particularly happen when multiple users share one printer for work purposes.
  • Identify the root cause of Brother Printer Error Code: #0x803C0110. When symptoms arise, proactive actions like optimizing communication channels and SNMP protocols can minimize their impact and ensure uninterrupted printing operations.

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Error Code 0x803C010B Causes 

There can be several causes behind Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B that lead to printing interruption; understanding what has caused it is essential in effectively solving and preventing further incidents in the future. Here are the primary factors at play.

  • Communication Glitches: Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B may result from communication gaps between printers and connected devices; whether due to network congestion, defective cable installations, or incompatibilities between settings – compromised communication channels frequently lead to error codes being generated by printers.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP for short, is a communication protocol designed to assist devices and printers within a networked environment. Any errors or misconfigurations involving SNMP may have serious repercussions for printer functionality resulting in error codes such as 0x803C010B due to improper network configuration settings or conflicts; such errors may arise as a result of miscommunication among network members or another factor.
  • Driver Corruption: Corrupted drivers may also contribute to Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B. Your Brother printer drivers provide an essential link between your operating system and printer, facilitating communication and printing operations. When they become corrupted due to system updates, software conflicts, or malware, their performance may become severely reduced leading to errors such as 0x803C010B. Therefore it is a best practice to regularly check for updates or remove corruption in existing printer drivers to reduce future driver-related issues from occurring.

Fear Not If You Come Across Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B Do not fret; encountering Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B will not hinder your print tasks; we have provided two methods that have proven successful at solving it.

Method 1: Disable SNMP Protocol

To disable the protocol and resolve Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B, follow these steps step-by-step:

Access Control Panel. You can easily reach the Control Panel through Windows’ Start menu or shortcut keys.

Printer Properties: From the Control Panel, open Hardware, Sound, Devices, and Printers, and then Brother Printer. Clicking on this icon, select Printer Properties before closing this tab.

Select the Port Settings tab within the Printer Properties window. From here, choose Standard TCP/IP Port.

Clicking the Configure Port button within port settings to temporarily disable SNMP will bring up another window; uncheck its box before clicking OK to confirm.

After making changes, reboot your Windows device. Verify that the printer is functioning as it should after its restart.

Method 2: Reinstall Printer Device and Drivers

If disabling SNMP does not resolve the problem, reinstalling both your printer and its drivers could help. Here’s how:

Access Control Panel: Once again navigate to Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound before Devices and Printers.

Remove Device: Right-click the Brother printer icon, select “remove”, and confirm this action when prompted.

Restart Device: Unplug your printer and reboot your Windows device; once finished, reassemble both devices together with your printer attached.

Reinstall drivers: After reconnecting your printer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reinstall its drivers. It may be necessary to download newer versions from its website and complete installation procedures as part of this step.

After installing your driver successfully, restart your device to verify functionality. Print a test document or page to make sure the printer is functioning as expected after restarting it.

These techniques will assist in diagnosing Brother Printer Error Code 0x803C010B and correcting it, so printing resumes uninterruptedly.


Troubleshooting errors such as Brother Printer Error 0x803C010B can be effectively overcome with patience and perseverance by following proper troubleshooting procedures. A systematic approach should always be used when solving problems; seek assistance if necessary from manufacturers or technical support forums if needed for assistance; overcoming any error with patience is rewarding and troubleshooting is fun!

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